Friday, 19 April 2013

My Anticipation Towards Awesome Wholesome, Vanity Trove

             Hello! I really can't wait to receive the May Trove from Vanity Trove! The May Trove is named as Awesome Wholesome and I really hope that it's an AWESOME box!! The box suppose to arrive in next week but I can't help myself from anticipating the postman to deliver the box to me earlier LOL! Looking at the postman with desperate eyes everyday hahaha! Eh maybe the postman might misunderstand that I have a crush on him LOL! Choi Choi Choi!!

             Emmm since the weather is so hot and I couldn't focus on my Pollution Control textbook then I shall blog!! (Lazy people always have excuses to be lazy @@) Aiyah relax a while mah~ I just finished a presentation preparation and a site visit report leh! So tiring! 

           I couldn't stop guessing that products will be included in Awesome Wholesome. Of course I have my own anticipation! I hope that it will include a high quality eyeliner! It is so funny that I have three mascara but not an eyeliner =3= Now I started to wonder, why am I having so many mascara ah? I seldom make up also@@ *fainted* The only time for me to make up is during prom night---once in a year only. Oh ya! I also have to make up when I'm ushering. (Once in a month LOL) During daily school days I only put on sunscreen hahaha! Even if I go shopping, the only thing appears on my face is still sunscreen without any BB cream. Epic laziness! As if I'm collecting make up stuffs just because of their nice packaging, haiz my $$.

           Okay just realised that I started to crap again =.= Ok lah enough of rest and relaxing, time to go back to Pollution Control!!



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