Sunday, 7 April 2013


      I was checking on the photos that I took during these few years and I decided to write some posts to summarize my ootd. 

Galaxy Leggings from ROMWE
Oh I just can't stop loving clothings from ROMWE!! You know, I love Street Fashion and ROMWE has everything I want!! From Denim Jacket to Spikes Boots, omg I might spend all my $$$$ on ROMWE :S

Just.....Simply mixed and matched?

COLOURS!! I love colours!! Let's count how many colours I was wearing XD

Vampiric Style is my another love! Black X Red X Lace Woohoo!! 
I just couldn't resist the mysterious and royal vampiric fashion!



  1. I love romwe stuffs too! Btw you're from? :o

    1. Glad to find someone who love ROMWE too! I always tell my friends how awesome their clothing is but they just don't like it:S

      I'm from Malaysia :)How about you?


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