Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Manhattan Fish Market-Scallop Americana

            It was International Women's Day!! International Women's Day leh! Where can rot at hostel? Must go out walk walk and eat eat!! (Finding excuse to go out XD)

So here we are!! (or here we were? I'm not sure, haiz my lousy English!)

The Manhattan Fish Market!!

I wanted to sit on these pretty red sofa but it was so crowded on that day :(
I didn't have other choice but to sit at normal table :S

We ordered Scallop Americana

The food was served piping hot!! Oh I love hottttt food!!

 Look at the scallops!! Oh scallops I love you!!

           The Scallops were very nicely cooked, tender, fresh and juicy. I had bad experience with scallops where they were overcooked and became hard like plastic =.= Luckily Manhattan did it pretty well!! Besides, they served the scallops in generous amount!! Love it!! This is my first try on Scallop Americana and it tasted really good!! A slight touch of spiciness in this dish really waking my taste buds up!! Fresh scallops are important too! The taste of ocean and the spiciness just blended so well!! And another thing that made me to love this dish even more is that there were slices of bell pepper in this dish! Hehe I am bell pepper killer LOL!! I really love this dish. All of the ingredients match each other so well. 

Last but not least, a very cute me to end this post hahahahhaha!!!



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