Friday, 5 April 2013

Put on Your Party Hat!!!

        Who doesn't love party? I'm sure that everyone love party!! Eating yummy food, chit-chatting with friends and taking photos in a party are things that I love the most in my life!! Especially the happiest photo-taking session in front of the themed backdrop!! But so difficult and mafan to make our own backdrop lah, have to paint, cut and paste and finally keep the backdrop on the wall. Making our own party backdrop is fun but somehow it's way too time-consuming. You know, you cannot make small backdrop right? It looks super funny LOL! The back drop must be as larger as possible to fit in all the guests who come to the party! Some more one has to prepare all the themed invitation cards to all the guests (like that only got class what, cannot simply sms and ask people to come to your party haha) 

          So organizing a party is super troublesome and energy-consuming. I have never held any party on my birthday since I don't want to get myself with so many troubles LOL! BUT! I might change my mind this year hehe~~
Because I found Party Hat!!!! Party Hat is a party planner which will settle all your troubles in organizing a party!! They will help you to do all-sort of party plannings including birthday party, full moon party, social gatherings and even weddings!!! (Seriously, Weddings!!) For people who love theme like me, you can also ask them to prepare themed banners, chocolate wrappers, cupcake tags, gift tags, food labels, water bottle labels, napkin tags and whatever tags that you can think of!!! Imagine, all of stuffs in my Princess-themed party are decorated with lace/ribbon!! Ahhhhh I'm going crazy and I'm going to take photo with every single little stuff!! It's going to be super cute!!

Yier so shuang!! Princess themed party!

Dessert Buffet Party
If I ever have the chance to have this kind of party I'm not going to invite any guest. Because I'm going to eat all these desserts by myself hahaha!!

A must-have item in a themed party- Themed printables!! (So that the party look themed LOL!)

They also can help you to prepare door gifts!!

       I don't care, I'm going to have dessert buffet party this year! Eh my friends, I will be waiting for your sponsorship patiently! (Laughing Out Loud hahaha!!)

In case you are really interested in sponsoring my dessert buffet party, (just in case mah, who knows really got people wanna sponsor me? >w<) then you can book the party set from:

Party Hat's website:

     So, sponsor me, maybe? XD


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