Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sungkyunkwan University International Summer School-How to Join?


Random Photos that I took during the field trip

Look fun ya?

         Wow I didn't know that my readers have so much interest on SKKU ISS! Many have asked me on the application procedures to enter SKKU ISS. Instead of replying your comments one by one, I think it's better for me to write another post on this.

        So you are ready to join SKKU ISS now? ( Yeah I can see you nodding your head LOL!) Ok, let me clarify, it's not that everyone who applies for SKKU ISS will be selected. SKKU will have a selection procedure based on your academic achievements and extra-curriculum performance. Another important thing is the overall application procedure might take you some time, ranging from 3-6 weeks. So my advice is, apply for it as early as possible!! 

       OK stop the naggy nonsense yalah yalah I know I'm long-winded. The first step of application procedure is: Have a tour here. This is the official website of  Sungkyunkwn University International Summer School. In this website, you can find all of the information about SKKU ISS. Furthermore, all of the related information such as life in SKKU, tuition fee (the most important one!!) and courses available to register are listed in the website.In addition, cultural activities and field trips of the previous batches of SKKU ISS are included here also. (WARNING: Browsing through all the photos will make you feel like wanting to join this program immediately!!) Hey hey you should watch the SKKU ISS Movie 2012 too!! You can find me in the video!! I appear so many times hahaha!!  You should really read through all the articles in this website and understand everything before you really make the final decision to join this program. In case that you have any queries on SKKU ISS, you can send an email to Miss Haelim Kim. Her email address is For your information, I sent her like 30++ emails before I really got into SKKU ISS loll!! Sounds crazy huh? Hahaha!! So don't be shy and just email whatever queries to her!! She is super helpful and kind! 

            Aiyah 不知不觉就写了一堆废话@@ I shall continue on this topic in my next post Okay? Got to go now! Bye!!

Just drop me a comment or email me in case you need more info on SKKU ISS!



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