Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Beauty Talk 美人語 3D Refining Day Cream- Week 1 Testimonial

Remember that I introduced Beauty Talk 美人語 3D Refining Day Cream last week? I have been using the product continuously for 1 week and today, I'm going to let you know how the product works on me^^

My face before using Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream
I think I look good here (no make up no skin care nothing on my face) but well, it can be better!

After applying Beauty Talk 美人語 3D Refining Day Cream for 1 week
(I'm sorry that I wore the same T-shirt but I swear I washed it!!!)

Brighter and more luminous skin! As I mentioned in my previous post, the product has moderate coverage so you can still see my birth mark near my right eye very clearly. However, it is good enough to hide the slight redness on my skin. I have been using the product continuously for 1 week and I'm happy with it! The best part is that it's a really good make up base that is not oily at all, not oily even on a hot and sunny day! Well I'm very biased to oil-free product because I really hate the oiliness and stickiness on my face. In addition, my skin is very well hydrated and moisturized that I do not need to apply other moisturizer. However, the whitening effect is not that obvious yet and I hope it really can whiten my skin soon! Will keep you updated with my skin conditions next week so stay tuned ya! (Week 2 Testimonial)

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By the way, Beauty"n"Me is having a Guess and Win Contest on their Facebook page now and 1 bottle of Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream (worth RM150) will be given away to the lucky winner!! Don't say I don't share ya! Go and join now!


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