Friday, 27 June 2014

[Giveaway] Clean & Clear Watery Light Hydrating Cleanser

         Hello! It's beauty review post again! Remember that I did a review and giveaway on Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser last month? Congratulations to all of the lucky readers and I'm really glad to know that all them love the product as much as I do! When it comes to giveaway, I always wish that I could have more prizes to give out so that all of the participants can be the winners. All thanks to the generosity of Clean and Clear Malaysia, I'm going to host another giveaway in July! Woohoo! Now let me do a review on the product that I'm giving away today, Clean & Clear Watery Light Hydrating Cleanser.

Clean & Clear Watery Light Hydrating Cleanser is another product from the oil-free range that will not lead to pore clogging. It is suitable for combination of oily and dry skin. In fact, many people are not sure with their skin types. A simple step to determine your skin type is by checking two zones on your face, which are your cheeks and your T-zone. If both areas are oily, then you have an oily skin type. Similarly, if both areas are quite dry or with minimal amount of oil, then you have a dry skin. If your T zone is oily but your cheeks are dry, then you are said to have a combination skin type. Hope that this can help to clear all the doubts on skin type! 

Clean & Clear Watery Light Hydrating Cleanser comes in a very beautiful azure colour! It looks so fresh and remind me of a calming beach hahaha! Okay lah I admit that I want a relaxing vacation very much recently so I can relate everything to travelling and vacation now! 

As indicated by its name, Clean & Clear Watery Hydrating Light Cleanser is very light and watery. Its texture is very special and different from the normal cleanser. Hmm this is not a gel cleanser though, although it looks like a gel type but it's not. Its watery texture is mainly due to its water rich formula which will gently help to cleanse away impurities in your pores. Oh did I mention that it smells superb? The fragrant is very mild, natural, gentle, soothing and relaxing and I really love it! If you're my loyal reader then you will know how much I hate artificial fragrance and chemical fragrance haha! Clean & Clear Watery Light Hydrating Cleanser smells very cucumber-ish and I guess it is due to the presence of cucumber essence in it! Containing PureRice Extract and cucumber essence, the cleanser will help to absorb excess oil while boosting up the skin hydration. 

As a loyal user of Clean & Clear product, I'm always happy and satisfied with the bubbles from all of their products. Well of course I understand how the cleansing mechanism works (Hey don't forget my profession!) and I know that the cleaning efficiency of a cleanser is not indicated by the amount of bubbles lathered from the products. It's all just my personal preference to see rich and fine bubbles when I'm doing cleansing action haha. It feels extra good to see rich bubbles in the bathroom, don't you agree? Clean & Clear Watery Light Hydrating Cleanser didn't disappoint me, look at the rich amount of fine bubbles that I got on my palms!

Feeling so fresh after washing my face with Clean & Clear Watery Light Hydrating Cleanser! Aww I love its smell so much! Let me summarize the benefits of this product.

Thank you for reading until this line and here is the rewards for all of you! Just complete all the steps in the Rafflecopter and you will stand a chance to win yourself a Clean & Clear Watery Light Hydrating Cleanser! Before filling the Rafflecopter, let us go through the rules and regulation in this giveaway:

1. This giveaway is only opened to Malaysians with a Malaysia mailing address. 
2. Five winners will be randomly selected and each of the winners will receive one Clean & Clear Watery Light Hydrating Cleanser.
3. Winners will only be notified via email so please make sure that you check your inbox regularly ya!
4. This giveaway will end on 31 July 2014 and winners will be contacted via email on 2 August 2014.
5. Winners are required to response in 48 hours or else a new winner will be selected. 

Thank you so much for all of your continuous supports on my humble blog and I truly appreciate it! Good luck boys and girls! Got to off for a food review now, bye bye! 


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