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[Giveaway] Clean & Clear® Deep Action Cleanser

       Hello everyone! I'm back to my blog! My recent life is so hectic that I don't even have a time to sit down to have a proper meal. Exams, assignments and experiments occupied most of my time so I have no choice but to say a short Bye to my blog. Blogging is my hobby so a hobby should always come after my study right? I know you understand me de :) And I have to say that I'm really grateful to see my traffics increasing despite of the lack of updates recently! Thank you everyone for reading my humble blog! *bow* I love to write and I'm really happy to know that there are people who like my writings. Your comments and visits are my sources of motivation to keep on blogging! 

        December is my favourite month, followed by February. I love December because of the Christmas and for February, it's because of the Chinese New Year. I love celebrations because I love to spend good time with the people that I love. Having good food and nice chat with family and friends during these festive seasons will be my favourite moments in a year! After December and February, May is my next favourite month. Don't ask me why, I'm not going to tell here hehehe! It's really great to receive presents and gifts from friends and family during festive seasons. (Everyone loves presents!) Presents and gifts can show how well the senders understand you. Good friends will know what you need and what you like and their presents can always make you smile^^. As I mentioned earlier, I love May very much and I love my readers! Thus, I'm going to host several giveaways in this awesome May so that all of you can share my happiness in this lovely month! Now let's kick start the Giveaway Marathon with Clean & Clear® products! 

          Today I'm going to do a review on Clean & Clear® Deep Action Cleanser! Now before we really go into the review part, let me make a bold assumption that everyone of us use Clean & Clear® products at least once in our life. Leave me a comment if you never try Clean & Clear® products before and prove me wrong ok? (I doubt that hahaha!) My first cleanser in my life is from Clean & Clear®! Clean & Clear® is just like an every-teenager-must-have-brand! I still remember that when we were having camping in the secondary school, almost all of us were using Clean & Clear®! Hmm hmm there must be a reason behind right? Why all the mothers buy Clean & Clear® products for their teens? Now let's carry out an experiment (Engineer-mode on hahaha!) and see why Clean & Clear® products are so popular among Malaysia teenagers! 

Clean & Clear® Deep Action Cleanser

         Clean & Clear® Deep Action Cleanser is one of the 4 cleansers in Clean & Clear® oil free beauty range. Do you know why it's important for a cleanser to be oil-free? So that it won't clog your pores! For your information, most of the large pores problems started from pores clogging! And once your pores are clogged, it's really difficult to turn the time back and minimize your large pores I tell you. Prevention is better than cure girls and boys! Clean & Clear® Deep Action Cleanser is completely oil-free and it's suitable for normal and oily skin. 

          Clean & Clear® Deep Action Cleanser removes dirt, oil and make-up deep down to the pores as you wash, leaving your skin clean and fresh all day long! The amazing part is that it rinses clean but it won't leave your skin dry! With the break-through PureRice extract oil-absorbing system, it works better than before to control oil throughout the day to keep skin shine-free for up to 8 hours. 

Coming in thick and creamy texture, I guess Clean & Clear® Deep Action Cleanser will give me fine bubbles as I lather it in water.

Yes I guessed it right! (I'm a genius!)
I love the rich and fine bubbles! 

Firstly, start with clean hands and splash some water on your face. Then, squeeze a small amount of cleanser onto wet palms – a dime-size should do it. Work into a rich lather. Place the now foamy cleanser onto your face and use your fingertips to gently swirl it around your face. Rinse thoroughly then pat your pretty face dry with a towel. Use twice daily for skin that's clean, clear and under control.

Feeling clean, clear and fresh after washing face with Clean & Clear® Deep Action Cleanser!
As usual, my photos are free from editing and my face is free from make up/skin care. 
These photos were taken right after the face wash. 
(My lips are chapping again T.T)
I like how Clean & Clear® Deep Action Cleanser works on me! You know, some of the cleansers that claim to clean my skin thoroughly often leave my skin feeling tight and dry and I really hate it. These deep-cleaning cleansers tend to make my face to feel so tight as if I'm wearing a plastics mask. I'm really glad to find that my skin don't feel tight after using Clean & Clear® Deep Action Cleanser! Furthermore, the cleanser really did a great job in oil-removing! Do you know the great feeling of getting your hand thoroughly cleaned using dish washing liquid? That wonderful oil-free feeling? If you get what I mean, that's how I feel after washing my face with Clean & Clear® Deep Action Cleanser. Totally oil-free hehe! And the best part is that the cleanser left my face in clean and refreshed after several hours of face-washing. Well I stayed indoor today and my skin remained very fresh after 5 hours of face-washing with Clean & Clear® Deep Action Cleanser. Maybe next time I should have some walk under the sun and test whether the cleanser manages to do its oil-controlling job equally well hahaha! 

Wahahaha! Now it's the most awaited moment!

Since I really love May, I'm giving away FIVE Clean & Clear® Deep Action Cleanser to my readers so that you girls/boys can share my joys and happiness in this lovely month! Just complete all the steps in the Rafflecopter and you will stand a chance to win yourself a Clean & Clear® Deep Action Cleanser! Before filling the Rafflecopter, let us go through the rules and regulation in this giveaway:

1. This giveaway is only opened to Malaysians with a Malaysia mailing address. 
2. Five winners will be randomly selected and each of the winners will receive one Clean & Clear® Deep Action Cleanser.
3. Winners will only be notified via email so please make sure that you check your inbox regularly ya!
4. This giveaway will end on 31 May 2014 and winners will be contacted via email on 2 June 2014.
5. Winners are required to response in 48 hours or else a new winner will be selected. 

Good luck to all the participants! 



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