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Carlo Rino Spring Summer 2014 Collection- Spring into Summer Dreams Fashion Show

       I'm very picky when it comes to bags. I'm so picky that it's extremely hard for me to spend on bags, because I just can't find any bag that I really like. I always think that this is a good thing because it helps me to spend less haha > < Unfortunately, this can be a bad thing at the same time. Since it's so hard for me to find a bag that I really like, thus when I meet "The Bag", there is a high chance for me to bring it home without considering the price. (And then the mud meal begins........) Frankly speaking, I don't really browse through Carlo Rino's collections because I always think that I'm a bit *ehem* too young to carry their bags. Thank god that I attended their Spring into Summer Dreams Fashion Show at Pavilion last weekend because their latest Spring/Summer Collection is simply Fun, Feminine, Glamorous, Glitzy and Gorgeous! I couldn't move my eyes away from their bags and shoes and I have to admit that my "too-young-to-carry" perception was so wrong! Carlo Rino Spring Summer 2014 Collection made a seamless fusion between classiness and girlish fun, which are the elements that I'm always looking for when it comes to bags! You know, I love peculiar stuffs and I will be more than happy to carry some elephant or icecream-shaped bags but at the same time, I hope these bags to look classy and refined. Although I didn't see any elephant or ice-cream bags from Carlo Rino Spring Summer 2014 Collection, but their bags are cute and fun enough to catch my eye balls! Now let's check these pretty bags out! Oh ya before that, sorry for some blurry photos because it wasn't easy for me to capture clear and nice photos during the fashion show. The models were walking at a speed of light! Maybe they have some fly-wheels installed in their heels? Or maybe it's just because they have extra long legs? Anyway I tried my very best in capturing photos for you my readers.

Spring into Summer Fashion!

Spring into Summer Dreams Fashion Show
No I can't fly. I went to Level 3 to capture this nice photo of the stage.

Sensational Slings
If you're going for a casual day out, duffels can never go wrong. 
Sorry for the blurry photos but if you can see, there are some adorable paw prints on the bags! 

The sporty stripes on the monochrome red or blue bags make you look extra young and active! At the same time, the long chain handles and the adjustable width tops made these bags to be perfect for a fun-day date or a casual romantic breakfast.

Beautiful Braids

Not sure if anyone of you is aware of my love towards braids. Yea I love braids and most of my hairdos are rajoks of different types of braids. The simple red and white designs of these bags are absolutely classy and elegant! I can imagine a gorgeous office lady walking confidently with one these handbags, a great piece for  both work and meeting. 

Cut Out for Love
If you love to be extraordinary and stand out from the crowd as much as I do, then I'm sure that you will like all the bags from Cut Out for Love. These bags are special and different from the rest because of the laser-cut trimmings on the bag surface, not to mention that they are all made from faux patent leather! Both blood red and navy blue look great to me! 

Vivacious Valentine

Faux lock charms on buckles, adorable thread-and-needled designs, lady bugs (super cute!) and British-inspired knotted rope-and-mailbox-motifs, these elements can liven up any looks effortlessly! In addition, the adjustable duffle ties and removable straps make the bags to be more versatile and user-friendly. Girls will definitely love these cute and quirky bags.

These are not all! There are many other pretty bags and shoes which were not shown during the fashion show. I like these bags so much that I can't help to share with you all here. Let's have a look at my favourite bag in Carlo Rino Spring Summer 2014 Collection.

                                                      Graffiti Gorgeous
Tada!!! This is my favourite bag among all! Super cute and funky!! I love the laser-cut details so much! Besides, I love the contrast between the white and the navy blue, vivid and eye-catching I would say. The city skyline motif and the cute charm give good hints of girlish fun and I can't help to fall in love with this piece! Let me bring you home my darling~ 

City Chic
Another cute and funky series from Carlo Rino Spring Summer 2014 Collection. I'm very weak in front of cute and funky fashion pieces and this is another piece I really wish to bring back home. Coming in classic black, teal and white, these bags and wallets with city-inspired prints are super fashionable and trendy!

Mini Must-Haves
Feel like going easy and carefree? 
Just stash your bare essentials into these candy-coloured mini pouches and let's go! 

Carlo Rino boutique is located at the 4th floor of Pavilion, right next to Padini. 

I wish I could show you some photos of the store but it was crazily crowded with people that day and all my photos are full of human heads like this. 

These bags are really pretty aren't they? Alice in A Wonderland-theme bags are so dreamy and girly!

These are so cute!

The Princess was having dilemma in choosing the colour! 
Both of them are so nice and I was torn between them! 

And the winner is........Teal!!!

From power meeting to power party or casual breakfast to all-day out fun, Carlo Rino can get all your looks covered and commanding attention with every step you take. Now get riding on the fashion wagon into a more stylist 2014! Don't forget to check the Spring Summer 2014 Collection at nationwide Carlo Rino's boutiques! Visit their website at and like their Facebook page for more updates. (Hint: They have many awesome giveaways on their Facebook page!)

Lastly, ending this post with a pretty face of mine (Wahahahaha!!)
Have a great week ahead! :D



  1. i still can't decide between the teal and the beige :/

    1. Sometime I prefer Teal and sometime I prefer Beige......
      I think I prefer Teal when I made the purchase haha ><
      Should have asked Carlo Rino to come out with transformer bags that change colours all the time :P

  2. i love the teal one lah..more sweet.....too bad i cannot make it to the event....

    1. Dear Cindy,

      Yaya I also think so! Cuter and sweeter ^^ Yaloh too bad.... Hope to see you soon in other events!

  3. Oh man, the Teal one looks so cute <3 Have any idea how much will it be?

    1. Hi Jennifer!

      Yes the teal is seriously cute and funky! It is sold at RM339 ^^

  4. In my mind, CR design is like OL or for aunty one. Now, they have changed!! Those design are cute and fancy! I like iT!!

    My Pandora

    1. Hello Peggy!
      Yaya I know right! Last time I always think that CR is aunties' bags but all their new bags are so young and chic!

  5. OMG! This is a super awesome post! Well written with lots of beautiful pictures! Now I need to save for more bags~

    1. Dear Eryn,

      Thank you so much!! I spent quite some time in composing this post hehe~ Don't worry about the bags, I will let Kelvin know about the new collection haha! :P


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