Sunday, 6 April 2014

Exclusive Preview of XES Signature- The Zodiac Collection

      Hello everyone! My last weekend was really heavily scheduled and I have so many stories to share with all of you! Let's start my stories from the girls' favourite: SHOES

     XES is one of my mum's favourite shoes brand because their shoes are comfortable, trendy and affordable. When it comes to shoes, comfortable is always my consideration and I have to say that I have never experienced any discomforts or pains when wearing XES shoes! Whenever we go to Jusco Permas Jaya, XES will be the first shop we enter, for all the time haha. Recently, XES has launched XES Signature new label, intended to create a more upscale look, with the element of Fun & Glam.  Guess what is the first collection under XES Signature? It's the Zodiac Collection! The 12 pairs of pretty shoes under the Zodiac Collection is specially designed to represent every women's different yet unique personality. As we know, each zodiac has a style of its own and some people will choose a style or colour that represents their raising sign. That's how the Zodiac Collection was born! When I first heard of this idea, I was really impressed with the creativity of XES! Designing shoes according to Zodiac sign? This can be the first idea in Malaysia! 

I was so excited for the fashion show! How the Zodiac Collection will look like? Let's check them out! 

The pretty XES white angels!

RM 139.90
Personalities: Forward-thinking, inventive, clever, original and humanitarian.
I would say that this is a great pair for work!

RM 149.90
Personalities: Likeable, energetic, compassionate, devoted and imaginative.

RM 139.90
Personalities: Independent, courageous, generous, optimistic and enthusiastic

Personalities: Well-organized, dependable, persistent, loyal and patient
(Available in Black also)

Personalities: Like to be in the centre of attraction, energetic, clever, imaginative and witty.
I'm a Gemini baby and I must say that I love this pair of elegant heels! However, this is not my favourite among all, let's scroll down and find out which is my favourite pair of shoes!

RM 139.90
Personalities: Gentle, caring, loyalty, adaptable and responsive.
Looking for a pair of eye-catching heels for wedding dinners or prom night? 
This pair of heels can definitely stand you out from the crowd!

RM 149.90
Personalities: Relax, ambitious, confident, loyal and encouraging.
Look at the special print on the side of wedges, they are just gorgeous!

RM 139.90
Personalities: Practical, Precise, analytical, helpful and reliable.

RM 149.90
Personalities: Balance, graceful, diplomatic, idealistic and hospitable.
This is THE SHOES!! I love the Libra pair so so so much!! 

I love the simple strap design, not to mention the sexy snakeskin print on the sides of wedges!

Oh how lovely are they! A combination of modern, chic and fashionable.

RM 139.90
Personalities: Disciplined, reflective, passionate, resourceful and dynamic.

RM 149.90
Personalities: Creative, adventurous, highly intelligent, thoughtful and humorous.
This is another pair that I personally found very special and eye-catching, totally remind me of a relaxing holiday. Walking along the beach in maxi dress and panama hat? This pair of wedges will complete your entire holiday look.

RM 139.90
Personalities: Timeless, realistic, efficient, ambitious and mature.

Sabrina is soooooo pretty!! Beautiful lady with charming personality! 
I should have asked her which is her choice of shoes among the Zodiac Collection hehe~

OMG XES booth in Malaysia International Shoes Festival 2014 (MISF) was so crowded! 
XES shoes are so popular in Malaysia during the past 12 years because their shoes are comfortable, anti-slip, handmade, very durable and of course they are all trendy with innovative design!

Oh the pretty shoes!

I have to say that all of the shoes under the Zodiac Collection are super comfortable! I can even run in the heels and wedges! Wait no more, go and check them out at nationwide XES stores! You can check their latest collections from their official website here. Oh ya! Remember to like their Facebook page for more updates! Pretty shoes from their new collection will be posted on their Facebook page also ^^ 

XES Signature, Bring Out Your Personality



  1. I dont really like my leo shoe leh~ lol maybe if its white It will be better~ =p

  2. saw you makeup in this post
    but but but RM139.9...need save bullet more ^^

    1. Hello Emily!

      Haha yaya I did make up during this event hehe~ 感覺上比較尊重場合嘛呵呵~
      RM139.90 is not cheap but the quality of the shoes is really good! Very comfortable so it's worthy to invest on a pair of it ^^

      Thanks for reading ya! :D


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