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Marine Elements- Fighting Dry Skin!

        I have very sensitive skin and my skin gets dry very easily, especially during a hot day. Remember the serious haze that we had earlier back in March? My skin was so dry due to the hazy weather and it cracked crazily!

My skin was so dry and I feel itchy all the time.

As can be seen from the photo, cracks were all over my palm and it was so miserable I tell you.
I thought my skin was going to peel off my flesh especially when I have to carry my heavy bag!
Oh it was insane!

My fingertips cannot escape from eczema! 
Imagine the pain when I was typing on the keyboard. And for your information, fingertips are one of the most sensitive human parts where all the nerve endings located at. I just couldn't bear with eczema!

Dryness was everywhere!

Not to mention the scary condition of my lips. I can't even smile properly man! 
My lips turned flaky and it was so embarrassing. Even my professor questioned me on my chapped lips. T.T

It was a horrible period that at some moments I thought that I might be some Snakegirl that I was undergoing the skin shedding process. I didn't pay attention to my dry skin at the beginning and when my eczema condition was worsening day by day, I was really scared. What if my skin will be forever this flaky? What if the eczema never goes away? Fortunately, I found some amazing products which got rid of my eczema completely, yes, completely.  

 Marine Elements provides a complete dry skin management system.

Marine Elements is a range of non-steroidal, paraben-free skin care products with active ingredient ZonaseX to help improve the appearance of dry, itchy, irritating and inflamed skin conditions, such as eczema and dermatitis, by new exfoliation and skin regeneration technology. What makes Marine Elements different from all the others is its natural proteins derived from the hatching fluid of salmon eggs that has been extensively research. Zonase X is the latest innovation, scientifically proven to help improve skin conditions, including regenerating fresh skin cells and strengthening the skin’s natural barrier, therefore reducing the recurrence of eczema and dry skin conditions.

Body wash, body lotion, intensive cream, lip balm and hand cream are all available in their product range. All of their products are specially formulated to moisturize, calm and smooth the skin, whilst leaving a protective barrier against the harsh environment. All of the products are hypoallergenic and are suitable for people of all ages, including babies and elders. Moreover, all of the products of Marine Elements are
  • Paraben-Free
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Protecting and Rejuvenating
  • Dermatologically Tested

RM 78.50 

The intensive cream is specially formulated to provide immediate hydration to the dry skin and promote the regeneration of healthy skin. Also, it provides deep moisturization up to 24 hours.

I was surprised at my first application of the intensive cream because it did not leave behind an oily and greasy feeling on my hand! I love this! (You know, I hate all the stickiness and greasiness!) My hand felt so hydrated and moisturized after applying the intensive cream. The cream did penetrate through my skin deeply and the itchiness was all gone!! This is my favourite product among all because it is really effective in hydrating and moisturizing my dry skin. 

RM 65.00

An extra mild soap-free body wash with a pH level that is close to human skin to maintain the skin's natural barrier against daily harsh elements. It promotes regeneration of healthy skin cells and leaves the skin smooth and moisturized.

Clear texture of the body wash.

Although the body wash is specially formulated to be soap-free, I managed to lather some bubbles while using it. The body wash has a special smell that is really mind-calming. 

Marine Element Lip Balm

I like the convenient packaging of the lip balm. 
The slightly slanted opening makes the application of lip balm to be easier.  

The lip balm is very light and it is translucent.

The lip balm did a very great job in rejuvenating the surface of the lips and it keeps my lips soft, smooth and rejuvenated. Whenever I feel that my lips is dry, I will apply the lip balm and it will give an immediate boost of hydration to my lips. Now let's see how the products worked on me after 3 days of continuous application.

After 3 days 
My eczema got much better! At least my skin did not crack that much.

And my fingertips were much moisturized and hydrated.
Eczema was still there but it's better.

My pathetic lips which eventually bled due to the crazy eczema! It was so painful you know! I can't smile and I can't open my mouth too widely or else it will bleed more. T.T Luckily the lip balm helped to moisture and hydrate my lips, at least I can open my mouth to eat.

After 7 Days
This is so much better! Eczema was going away! I can feel it!

Can you see the shines on my fingertips? It means that they are well-hydrated.

My lips was still very dry but at least no more chapping and bleeding! 

After 14 Days
Wonderful! My hand is back to its normal state! No more dry skin and no more cracking!

As smooth as baby's skin now.

My fingertips are all in their perfect states, I can't even find a single crack on them now.

The same goes to my lips. However, I have super dry and sensitive lips and I have to apply Marine Elements Lip Balm regularly to keep them smooth and moisturized. I know my lips very well and I always take extra good care of them. I have tried so many lips care products and I think I should make a post on lips care products haha > <

       I'm really happy that Marine Elements solved my dry skin problem completely! Eczema is so scary that I would never want to experience it again. It was crazily painful and it affected all my daily activities! I can't wash my clothes properly; I can't carry heavy things because of the painful cracks; I can't grin widely and I can't enjoy my meals happily! Aishhh my world turned upside down just because of eczema so I want to keep it away from me. As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure" so I will definitely continue to use Marine Elements' products to prevent the eczema to revisit. I'm going to try their hand cream and body lotion next time so that I can keep my whole body to be perfectly hydrated and mositurized. 

If you are interested to get the product, they are available at Alpro outlets in Klang Valley, as well as, and

For more information, please do refer to their website.
Marine Elements:



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