Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Echisse Red Set and Reacheer Skincare from Silk Apple

       Hello! I love to try out new skin care products because we never know which products suit us the best unless we try them out ourselves. Today, I'm going to review a new skin care brand from Taiwan: Echisse.

Echisse Red Set which contains a lotion, a moisturizer and a mask.

Total Essential Lotion 

Total Essential Lotion is made from many kinds of plant extract essence such as small yellow chrysanthemum extraction, oats and hyaluric acid. With these natural ingredients, it can help to repair the skin cells in a natural way. It can help to refine pores, reduce dark marks and promote a brighter skin color.

The toner is very light and watery with a mild fragrance. After using it for two weeks, I would say that this product did help to minimize the fine lines on my face and my skin feels tighter and firmer. Furthermore, my skin is well-moisturized. 

Total Essential Moisturizer

Containing different kinds of plant extract essences and deep sea algae, Total Essential Moisturizer is rich  in amino acid, vitamins, carotene and mineral substances. Theses natural ingredients can help to promote the skin's defense system, thus bringing a youthful glow to your skin. I apply the moisturizer after the toner for the best effects.

Total Essential Mask

The main functions of Total Essential Mask are to nourish and repair skin cells and at the same time, it can help to even out your skin tone. The mask also contains activating collagen which helps to promote skin elasticity. On the other hand, Damascus rose essence oil can activate skin cellular metabolism, thus making your skin smoother and younger. 

Reacheer is another skincare brand that is available on Silk Apple, I will try them out and review soon!

If you're interested in purchasing Echisse Red Set and Reacheer Skincare, then Silk Apple will be the best website for you to shop!


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