Friday, 4 April 2014

[Giveaway] CooperVision Biomedics 1 Day Extra

      Hello girls and boys! Have you ever wondered that why I always wear spectacles? Yes, I wear spectacles regardless of the occasions because I'm a super lazy person that I feel so tired to take care of my contact lenses. I wore coloured lens before and I found it too troublesome for me to clean and soak the lens every night before I sleep. I would rather spend more time on my bed!  (The laziness haizzzz) After that, I stopped wearing contact lenses due to my super hectic daily schedule. I tell myself that I will try contact lens again when I start working next year ( I assume that I will have more free time when I start to work, but is it true? ) However, things changed when I found Biomedics 1 day Extra from Cooper Vision.

Biomedics 1 day Extra is a daily disposable contact lens and when I heard that it's daily disposable, my immediate response was "NO NEED TO CLEANSE AND SOAK ANYMORE!" Wahahaha!! Just wear it and throw it, as simple as that. Another reason that I would prefer a daily disposable lens over monthly or quarterly disposable lens is due to the hygiene concern. Replacing your lens everyday will definitely promote good eye health since it can minimize the chance for bacteria or viruses to grow on your lens. No more deposit build up so I don't have to rub my lens anymore. Every time when I rub my lens, I have a weird feeling that I will flush them down the sink as I rub them. (Out of topic ==) With Cooper Vision Biomedics 1 Day Extra, I can toss my used lens into the bin without rubbing them and feeling scared that they will be flushed away by the running lens solution. 

Sometime we need to wear contact lens for special events and occasions such as wedding dinner, prom night or travelling. Cooper Vision Biomedics 1 Day Extra provides great flexibility that you can always buy 1-2 pairs of it when you need it. At the same time, it can also be purchased in bulk (such as 30 pairs in a box) to fulfill your daily need for contact lens. Information of Cooper Vision Biomedics 1 Day Extra is summarized as below:

Water Content: 55% H2O
Material Content: Ocufilcon D
Packaging: 30 lenses
Modality: Daily
Water Content: 55%
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.7mm
Manufacturer: Cooper Vision



Each of the lenses is in its separate blister packing.

 I can throw a few pairs of Cooper Vision Biomedics 1 Day Extra  into my bag when I'm travelling!
Easy and hassle free hehe~

I was very surprised when I took the lens out from its container, the lens is very soft!
 It is so soft that I had some difficulties in holding it nicely. 

Before wearing the contact lens.
Oh pardon my scary dark eye circle T.T 
I took this photo at 6am this morning!
I guess I need to sleep earlier and take good care of my skin now :/
Look at my nose, oh no....
Still, I don't photoshop my photos as usual. Cannot cheat people right? Haha :P

After wearing the contact lens.
In fact the lens is so transparent that you can hardly notice them. If you spend some time to see closely, you will find a slight blue ring around my iris.

I wore CooperVision Biomedics 1 Day Extra from 6am till 5pm today, a total of 11 hours and I'm happy to tell that I didn't feel any discomfort in my eyes at all! In fact, there were several moments that I unconsciously adjust my frame a bit (as I always do when I wear glasses haha!) because I forgot that I was wearing contact lens! Very comfortable and I didn't experience any undesirable dry eyes moment. I think it may be due to the 55% water content of the lens. Another plus point is that Cooper Vision Biomedics 1 Day Extra provides me with very clear vision! I'm not sure whether I bought some wrong lens that did not fit my eyeballs or what, my vision is always slightly blurry whenever I wore contact lens last time, which made me strongly believe that contact lens are not trustworthy. And that's why I love my spectacles so much (It never fails to help me see clearly! My faithful friend!) My stereotype towards contact lens diminished when I tried out Cooper Vision Biomedics 1 Day Extra today. I can see everything clearly today as if I was wearing my spectacles! My fault for buying cheap coloured lens from unknown online shop. T.T 

The comfortable Biomedics 1 Day Extra is product of CooperVision,  a unit of The Cooper Companies, Inc which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses. 

Good news for all of my readers! You can now grab a 5-days trial packs of CooperVision Biomedics 1 Day Extra or Toric from here! Experience the trial lens and you will fall in love with it! The 5-days trial pack is only valid until 30 April 2014 so go grab it before it's gone!

All opinions expressed here are my own and not CooperVision.



  1. thanks for the awesome information^^ do visit my blog too :)

    hope to see move awesome post from you! have a nice day :3

    1. Dear Soon Joo Yee,

      You're most welcomed! Thanks for reading!! ^^

  2. Yes, daily lens are an improvement. I can clearly see the benefits of daily lens now.

    1. Dear Corinne,

      At least they are more convenient and hassle free :D

  3. Replies
    1. Hello Sherry!

      Now you can have a chance to try them out^^ They are really generous to give out 5 pairs of free trial lens :D

  4. Ooh~I haven't tried contact lenses before too~Hope to try them but don't want to spend my (limited) money on something that might not be suitable for me...hehe ;)
    Thanks for this giveaway~But how much are the eye exam and fitting fees? Thanks again :D

    1. Hello J.Lee!

      Glad to hear that this is useful for you! Are you wearing spectacles now? If you have a pair of spectacles, then you can just bring it along when you redeem the contact lens and there will be no charge on the power checking. However, if you don't have any spectacles with you while redeeming the lens, then a RM30 fee will be charged for checking your eye power. So remember to bring your spectacles when redeeming ya! :D


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