Thursday, 20 June 2013

Obsessive Beauty Is Obsessive Indeed!

         Hello! It has been so long! Just sat for my last final paper! *finally* Always wanted to blog about the June Trove but I just couldn't find a time in the midst of my exam preparation T.T Okay cut the crap and let's have a look at the June edition Vanity Trove-Obsessive Beauty! 

Beautiful surprise of this month 
As usual, the trove always comes in perfect condition without any damages or denting. Also, all of the products are in good and sealed conditions without any leakage. Personally I think that Vanity Trove has been doing a very good job in this area. This can be a very minor concern but it really adds point when a company is willing to spend time on these small matters. It's like they care us as customers. :)

I was so surprised with the contents! My very first thought on this box is: "OMG they have everything from haircare to make-up remover!" 

Loreal Professionnel Liss Ultimate Shampoo (100mL= RM 25)
RM 50 (200mL)/RM 79 (500mL)

Personally, I really like Loreal hair products because they are quite good and effective in treating hair problems at an affordable price. I have not tried this products yet but it smells really good!

Loreal Professionnel Liss Ultimate Masque (75mL =RM 25.13)
RM 67 (200mL)

This hair masque really looks appealing to me because it is stated that it fights frizz! Oh the bad weather is making my bad frizzy recently! PSI is >300 now oh this is crazy! Okay off topic again. =.=

Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover 
RM 26.90 (145mL)

Every beauty fanatic needs a good make up remover! I believe that all beauty-holics will agree with this statement right? Hehe! 

It consists of two immiscible layers before shaking.

After well-shaken.
I wanted to try this product today but realized that I didn't apply any make up after pouring it onto cotton pad LOL!! Silly me! Ok lah will review after using it hehehe!! (Finding myself a grand excuse to put on make up LOLL!)

Soap Artisan Natural Lip Blam
RM 12 (4g)

I'm really happy to see lip product in a beauty box! So far I have not seen any beauty box putting lip care products into their boxes and Vanity Trove made a good start! When it comes to beauty box I expect a holistic beauty pamper where every part of my body is well taken care of! 

With Beeswax and Vitamin E, this lip balm is suitable for everyone especially for those who stayed in air-conditioned room for a long time! I mentioned that I'm really happy to see lip balm right? Because I have very dry and sensitive lips and lip balm is my daily-must-have lip care product! Ya I wanted to try this lip balm too but I was having another lip balm applied this morning. Will try it on tomorrow's morning then.

Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturising Cream
RM 98 (50 mL)

The first thing that caught my attention is Anti-Pollution! Okay bear with my ignorance but this is the first anti-pollution beauty product that I have ever seen! Anti-Pollution sounds so engineer ah? XD

Celeb Beaute Lash
RM19.80- RM22.80

This is really pretty and dramatic!! Can you see that there are actually  shiny purple stripes in between the lashes! So glamorous! Perfect lash for dinner/wedding! This lash just comes in the right time since I have to attend my cousin's wedding in another two weeks time! Great one!

Cocolab Aromatic Body Oil
RM 99 (100mL)

Personally I have not tried any body oil before and thanks to Vanity Trove for including this so that I can kick start my body oil discovery! 

Sample sachets from PAYOT 
Purifying Cream 
Drying and Purifying Gel

These are not listed in the contents list but I don't mind to have some sample sachets in a beauty box. :D 

Two vouchers are also included in the trove.

I'm really satisfied and happy with Obsessive Beauty and it really worth its name! I have been looking for a beauty box that includes a wide range of products like this. However, most of the beauty boxes bias too much either on skin care or make up stuffs. As mentioned before, the trove has hair products, skin care products, lip care product, body care product, make up stuffs and finally a make up remover to complete the beauty journey. This is really good and give an overall care to our body. What I want to say that the improvement of Vanity Trove is really significant and I can see that it really cares and concerns what we as the customers need. Being in the beauty market, service is really important. It can be seen easily whether did you try to serve the customers sincerely and faithfully. For example, Vanity Trove has never been late in sending their boxes. And they never have any product leakage problems. These are what I appreciate the most. In short, it is really worthy to subscribe their trove at RM50 at such good box contents and sincere service. 


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