Monday, 18 September 2017

Review & Thoughts on 3CE Liquid Lip Colour - Capricious

3CE Liquid Lip Colour - Capricious  

3CE Liquid Lip Colour is always on my wish list because everyone is telling me how lasting and vibrant the lip colour is. The desire of pocketing 3CE Liquid Lip Colour is getting stronger after I see how Carinn rocked the berry shade, the colour payoff is really good! After one whole week of dilemma on choosing the shade, I finally decided to go for the classic bright red shade named Capricious. The lip colour tube is smaller than any other liquid lip colour that I currently own, which makes it a great piece to be carried around. 

3CE Liquid Lip Colour - Capricious  

I especially love the unique doe-foot-alike-but-it-is-not-doe-foot applicator. As you can see, the lipstick is dispensed from a small hole in the middle of the applicator. What I do is I squeeze the lip colour tube gently and have a minimal amount of product be dispensed. Next, I apply the lip colour to the center of my lips, and spread it evenly to the edge of my lips using the applicator. By doing so, you can avoid applying excess amount of product on your lips and at the same time, it will give you a natural looking lips edge that feathers beautifully. I wore the lip colour during my staycation last weekend and it is amazingly lasting – just like what every of my friends has told me.
The lip colour leaves behind a matte finish and it is legit non-transferable. The lip colour stayed stubborn on my lips after several rounds of feast and drink, 5 stars on the long-lasting part! The only down part is that the lip colour is a little drying on my lips, which is acceptable for me since I have tried more drying liquid lip colour from other brands. I think I’m a little over-obsessed with lip colour now, I wish I can wear brighter colour to my workplace so that I can use all the shades on daily basis T.T

Do you like short review like this? I'm very much occupied these days but I'm trying my best to keep blogging. In addition to detailed and photos-heavy blog posts (which takes so much time to complete one), I also do mini reviews on my Instagram. Mini reviews are short and sweet with important information included, I always write these mini reviews while waiting for my lunch to be served during lunch hour :P Let me know if you find these mini reviews useful ok? I will do more if you guys like it! 



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