Monday, 22 January 2018

Where to Get Affordable Evening Dress?

Stepping into my late twenties, I receive more and more wedding dinner invitations from my fellow friends. Getting an affordable and nice evening dress can be a headache because the choices in Malaysia are quite limited. Everyone's evening dress looks similar and I really want to wear something different from the rest. I just attended a weeding dinner in December 2017 and it took me almost 2 months to get a nice dress, can you imagine that? During my search for a unique evening dress, I bumped into an online website that sells really cheap evening dresses from Australia, it's such a life saver!

As you can see, offers a wide variety of evening dress, you can even find maternity evening dress here! 

On the other hand, I also like how they categorize the evening dress according to the fabric, embellishment, neck line, length and waistline, I personally find the organized categorization  makes the entire shopping experience a lot better. I can focus on the evening dress that I'm interested in and filter the embellishments that are not suitable to my style. 

What surprised me the most is the wide selection of colour chart they offer to the evening dress. For example, the above dress comes in 32 different colours, that's really amazing! I bet you can't get similar service from any other online shopping sites, I shop a lot so I know. *wink*

Although the evening dresses are from Australia, they are surprisingly cheap and affordable. I'm going to buy more dresses from, how about you?


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