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Pamper Your Body with Human Nature - Body Scrub Rose Bouquet | Volcanic Cooling Body Scrub | Sunflower Beauty Oil LUXE | Body Butter | Massage Oil

As mentioned before, one of my 2018 resolution is to show more care to my body. I have been exploring natural, organic and botanical body care products these few months, and I had so much fun trying out different body care products in the market! My latest brand obsession is Human Nature, a brand which gives me new insight on defining “natural products”.

Though there are many "natural" products available in the market today, there are surprisingly no regulations on the use of the term "natural". This makes it very difficult for ordinary people, like me to distinguish genuinely natural products from chemically-laden ones with just a few natural extracts thrown in. 

Human Nature on the other, has several promises to customers where

  • All of their natural ingredients are safe, pure and biodegradable, originate from renewable sources and are processed in a way that's kind to the environment. 
  • They abide by standards set by the US Natural Products Association - every single product is at least 95% natural, and most are 100% natural. 
  • All products go through safety assessments by industry experts and thorough clinical studies evaluated by independent third party labs. 

With these promises, you can rest assured that all products from Human Nature are indeed natural and safe to the environment. I feel really secured and protected to know all the body care products that I use on my skin are at least 95% natural. This is exactly what I have been looking for - natural, safe with minimal impact to the environment. 

Human Nature Body Care Range

From head to toe, Human Nature has various solutions targeting on different hair and body concerns. Whilst it also carries hair care, sun care, feminine care, deo care and hand & foot care, I will share my experience on body care products today, save the rest for another time!

Human Nature 100% Natural Body Scrub Rose Bouquet

How often do you scrub your body? In the past, I scrubbed my body once in a blue moon, because the scrubbing process is so painful and undesirable that I don't enjoy doing it at all. I dislike body scrubbing until I tried Human Nature 100% Natural Body Scrub Rose Bouquet, it's so gentle on skin that I scrub my body once in a week now, say bye to harsh exfoliants that hurt your skin!

Natural Body Scrub Rose Bouquet comes in a cream form, just like a body lotion. If you zoom in the photo and have a closer look, you will be able to spot the tiny particles of natural loofah and bamboo scrubs. Not only these natural exfoliants are mild on skin, they are biodegrable at the same time. 

No EDTA, no TEA (triethanolamine), no PEGs and no other harmful chemicals, the body scrub has a natural scent of rose which is super calming and comforting. My skin feels soft and smooth after using the body scrub, you can obviously feel that the rough surface of your skin is removed. Well, that's what I felt! Due to its cream based nature, the body scrub conditions my skin and keeps it hydrated after my shower. I'm so glad that I tried this, it totally changed my perspective (misconception to be exact lol) on body exfoliation.

Human Nature Volcanic Cooling Body Scrub

Next, we have Volcanic Cooling Body Scrub, which I would rate as the most interesting product in this post. We have seen enough beauty products made from volcanic clay - the cleanser, the clay mask, the facial exfoliator, the nose strips and etc. There are so many of them in the market that I can't even name them all. However, this is *surprisingly* the first volcanic body care product that I have ever seen, and I wish I could be introduced to it earlier!

As you can imagine, the volcano goodness will detoxify and cleanse your skin deeply and thoroughly. I love to use this mineral rich body scrub on my back to lift away all the gunks and dirt from the pores. Back is the body part with active sebum excretion and unfortunately, most of us have not shown enough care to it because our back is always out of the sight and it is hard to reach. When we can't see it, we do not know how large the pores are and how dull the skin is! 

Consisting powerful cleansing and detoxifying agent of volcanic sand and bamboo charcoal, Volcanic Cooling Body Scrub eliminates dead skin cells, impurities and all the unwanted body waste from the pores, hence uncovering a supple, glowing and healthy skin. I somehow feel that the body scrub has oil-controlling effect on my skin, my back does not feel as oily as it was, it feels so much cleaner now. 

As its name suggests, Volcanic Cooling Body Scrub provides a cooling effect on your skin during the exfoliation process, so comfortable and refreshing! I especially love to use the body scrub with a cool shower for the most refreshing experience, it feels like I just jump into a freezing pool of water!

Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil LUXE

Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil LUXE

After exfoliated all the dead skin cells away, it's time to nourish your skin with some good body oil. Sunflower Beauty Oil LUXE is a 100% natural product that is rich in sunflower oil. There are so many benefits of sunflower oil, to name a few,

  • High-oleic oil penetrates dry skin fast, sealing in generous moisture and nutrients 
  • Antioxidant Vitamin E helps to reduce skin damage
Fun fact: Sunflower Beauty Oil LUXE has more vitamin E than argan oil and twice as much deeply moisturizing oleic acid! 

The sunflower oil is very watery so it's better to pour the oil little by little on your palm. I applied the oil on my knee caps and elbows as they are forever dry and flaky. I won't say that my knee caps and elbows are looking shiny and glowing now, but these areas have experienced a drastic improvement in term of smoothness and softness. They look healthier and less like an elephant's skin. 

As much as I adore the superb hydrating and moisturizing effect, the sunflower oil is a bit too oily to my liking. However, I can see how people with dry and flaky skin find this beauty oil a god sent product, it is going to quench the thirst of your dry skin. I'm going to bring Sunflower Beauty Oil LUXE for my winter vacation this August, it's going to save me from itchy and allergic dry skin.

Human Nature 100% Natural Body Butter - Vanilla Peach
RM 39.90

Body butter is one of my staple product, I will never forget to apply a body butter before I go to bed. Human Nature 100% Natural Body Butter comes in two variants, Vanilla Peach and Berry Bliss. I really appreciate how Human Nature tried every best to come out with products made from 100% natural ingredients at an affordable price, making natural products so accessible by everyone. I mean, how many brand sells 100% natural body butter at RM 39.90? 

I love how the body butter is packaged in a tube form, it makes the product dispensing process so much easier and more hygienic. I'm not a fan of body butter packaged in tub but so many brands are using tub packaging, why? Give me tube packaging please! 

Human Nature 100% Natural Body Butter  has a rich combination of sunflower oil, avocado oil and soybean oil that gives you a visibly youthful glow while its blend of 12 nutrients and antioxidants helps keep your skin feeling satiny smooth and looking naturally healthy.

The body butter is creamy and buttery that it glides on my skin effortlessly, leaving behind a satin skin finish. Although the body butter is incredibly rich and thick, it doesn't feel sticky or greasy on the skin, as the butter is absorbed by skin in minutes after application. The cocoa butter and soothing aloe vera-enriched formula keeps my skin supple and hydrated for long hours, I love it! Not forgetting the subtle sweet scent of vanilla peach that lingers around, it definitely adds a touch of feminine to me. 

Human Nature 100% Natural Massage Oil
RM 47.90

I have to admit that I'm obsessed with body massage after all the unforgettably relaxing massage experiences in Bangkok. What's the best way to loosen all the knots underneath your skin after a hectic working week? Body massage it is! I wanted to learn Thai body massage so that I can do it for my family at home but I did not get to proceed as I couldn't find the right massage oil locally. Some of the oils smell awfully, some are too expensive and some are not made from natural ingredients. Therefore, I was really thrilled to try out the 100% Natural Massage Oil from Human Nature!

Look, the massage oil is very clear and light, you can't even find any impurities from it. Some key ingredients in the massage oil are
  • Eucalyptus essential oil: Relieve muscle pains
  • Rosemary essential oil: Relieve mental fatigue and exhaustion
  • Lavender, Orange & Lemongrass essential oils: Calming & soothing

So much goodness in a bottle! A good massage oil is very important as it will complement with the massage actions to help to calm your body and mind as a whole. In fact, the scent of the massage oil plays a very important role in mind relaxing during the massage process. Thus, it's really essential to choose a natural massage oil as it will give you a more wonderful massage experience. I'm in the middle of picking up some Thai massage skills by using Human Nature 100% Natural Massage Oil now, hope that I will master it very soon!

I will definitely continue to explore more products from Human Nature, this is a brand that is worth everyone's support and love. Before I end this review post, I would like share another story behind Human Nature which touched me and gave me more reasons to love this brand: 

Recognizing that it takes not just one, but an army of social entrepreneurs to collectively solve the problem of poverty, Human Nature partnered with several enterprises working with both urban and rural poor - notably those from the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm in Bulacan, Philippines - to create a springboard to help them improve product quality and design and get their products to market. 
An incubation valley for social enterprises to sprout and flourish, the Enchanted Farm has paved the way for rural families, several of them third or fourth generation farmers, to prosper through stable agriculture-based livelihood. Social enterprise products that Human Nature has supported since 2012 include the all-nutritious, all-delicious beverage Bayani Brew; First Harvest’s traditional homemade spreads; Apicuria’s bee products; and Plush & Play’s hand-stitched plush toys.

In my opinion, Human Nature is a brand that concerns the well being of the consumers, environment and community. It's not easy for a young brand to show this much of attention and care to the well being of the community. You can support Human Nature by simply purchasing their products, which will extend the kindness and happiness to many other needy parties. If you don't already know, every single product sold directly helps the poorest farmers get out of poverty, sustainably. I don't usually write lengthy brand introduction/background but this is an exception, because I myself feel that Human Nature deserves more attention and support from us. Let's support them in action! 

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