Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Office Ladies Workwear Tips: Wear the Right Heels to Work

It's so important to dress up professionally at work, yet not many people are doing it right. You might be a real elite and talent inside but people wouldn't know how great you can work at the first glance. What I am going to share with you guys today in this post is how to impress others that you are a professional at the very first glance. If you are a performer at work, why don't add some brownie points to yourself by looking fabulous and professional at work?

Working as an engineer, I struggle a lot on what shoes to wear to work. As much as I love sandals and Converse, it is a big no-no to wear these casual shoes to work. In order to strike a balance between comfort and formality, I come out with a conclusion that block heels is the best and safest shoes to wear to work. Trust me, you will never go wrong with a pair of block heels. 

Black Block Heels

I guess nobody will disagree if I say black shoes is the most suitable shoes for work. Not only they are easy to match with your outfits, they give you a touch of elegance and classic. Even the most immature girl will somehow appear to be sophisticated in a pair of black block heels - the magic of black fashion!

Burgundy Block Heels

I have a thing for the colour of burgundy, probably due to my affection towards Harry Potter and Hogwarts? Burgundy is a beautiful colour that flatters any skin tone. If you beg to differ and find black heels a boring choice of shoes, burgundy heels will be a suitable choice for you.

Nude Block Heels

Last but not least, nude block heels! I seriously think that every girl should have a pair of nude heels as it is great for day work and party at night. A pair of nude heels can make you to look softer and gentler, it goes well with pants and dresses too. In addition, you can create casual and formal styles by wearing the same pair of shoes, I would rate nude heels as the most versatile shoes among all!

What shoes do you wear to work? I would love to hear from you guys!


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