Thursday, 6 November 2014

De Beauty Reborn StemCell Placenta

Hehehe when you see the pretty hot pink box from HiShop then you know that I'm a happy girl!
Let's have a guess on the content of the pink box....
Hint: It's something that will turn you prettier!

De Beauty Reborn StemCell Placenta
(10g x 14 sachets)
RM 330

Tada! It's a box of De Beauty Reborn StemCell Placenta

De Beauty Reborn StemCell Placenta

Containing StemCell and marine placenta De Beauty Reborn StemCell Placenta promises you a flawless skin in 7 days. Wow flawless skin in 7 days? Let's have a look at the ingredients that play the wonders!

Each serving of the beauty drink consists of the following ingredients:
StemCell 50mg, Placenta 10,000mg, Gluthathione, Hyaluronic acid, Peptides, Royal Jelly, Pueraria Mirifica, Beet root, Grape seed extract, Pine bark, Citric acid, Vitamin C, Stramberry powder.

It's undeniable that beauty drink is a trend now. There're so many new brands popping like mushrooms after the rain in the market and my advice is, always choose the product according to your own needs. In addition, don't forget to check the ingredient list since some of you might be allergic to the active ingredients. 

What comes into your mind when you heard "placenta"? To be honest, my first reaction is "WHAT?! Yucks geli!" Hahahaha! However, after a good read on the product's introduction, I realized that the placenta used to produce beauty drink is very different from those I imagined. (Pardon my ignorance please~) Do you know that there're two types of placenta, which are marine placenta and animal placenta respectively? Only marine placenta is used in the manufacture of De Beauty Reborn StemCell Placenta and for my Malay friends, I'm glad to inform that the product is HALAL certified! In order to give you a better insight and understanding on the difference between marine placenta and animal placenta, here I attached a comparison chart between them.

Hopefully you can have a clearer idea and a better understanding on marine placenta now ^^

Another important ingredient in  De Beauty Reborn StemCell Placenta is StemCell as I mentioned earlier. The StemCell used in the manufacture of De Beauty Reborn StemCell Placenta was extracted from algae and it's a gem I tell you! 

See, it has so many benefits! 

Time to make myself a glass of  De Beauty Reborn StemCell Placenta hehe~

The sachets are easy and convenient to carry around I would say. You can always toss a sachet into your bag and prepare the drink at your office or workplace. I have seen some other beauty drinks that come in huge cans like infants' milk powder, which are really difficult to be brought around. I mean, most of us are always on the go so the packaging really does matter to me. 

Using HiShop's mug to prepare my beauty drink hehe!

Coming in powder form, the preparation of  De Beauty Reborn StemCell Placenta is as simple as ABC! Just add 200mL of plain water (cold water will do) and stir well before serving, very easy right? 

De Beauty Reborn StemCell Placenta tasted sour with a hint of sweetness, like a berry juice and I like it! Becoming pretty is so easy now, sent all the goodness into your stomach and you can shine from inside to outside wahahaha! Let's check the effects of De Beauty Reborn StemCell Placenta on my skin.



I look better after consuming De Beauty Reborn StemCell Placenta right? More radiant and youthful skin now and no more dull skin muahaha! Even my friends noticed the slight changes on my skin conditions hehe~ The whitening effect is not very significant because I'm quite fair recently since I stay indoor for most of the time now. But the it's quite obvious that I look more radiant right? (Thus looking healthier and younger!) Can throw away all my blushers now teehee~ I'm glowing naturally from inside! 

Interested in trying  De Beauty Reborn StemCell Placenta too? Hop on to HiShop now! Don't forget to key in LIEWSINYEE upon checking out and you will be entitled a 15% discount on your total bill, exclusively for Princess Neverland's readers! 

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