Sunday, 2 November 2014

Beauty Talk Double Cleansing Gel Week 4 Testimonial

Oh how time flies! October is drawing to its close and here is my Week 4 testimonial on Beauty Talk Double Cleansing Gel for you. 

Read my Week 1 and Week 2 testimonials if you missed them!

Can you believe that only 1/5 of the cleansing gel is consumed after one month of usage? This really amazed me! Great product to help you save money hehe~ Okay cut the crap, let's see how the cleansing gel improved my skin condition after one month of usage. 

Before Using Beauty Talk Double Cleansing Gel

After Using Beauty Talk Double Cleansing Gel for 4 Weeks

The photos were taken on the same spot on my face and it's very obvious that my acne inflammation is cured! As I mentioned earlier, I had stupid acne inflammation on my face this month (which I have no idea why!) and I was really troubled by the annoying red spots on my face. I really hate them so much because their presence made my face to look dirty and reddish. Thank god that they're all gone after I started my beauty regime with Beauty Talk Double Cleansing Gel. Will replenish the product after I finish this bottle! Nice one! 

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