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Ludeya Bio Cellulose Mask & Red Bean and Barley Drinks from

Hello everyone! Days are getting busier these days but I do enjoy the hectic schedule. When you're reading this piece of writing, I'm probably trying my hard to embrace myself as tight as possible so that I won't freeze into a statue in that gargantuan freezer hahaha! (Okay you are allowed to ignore my craps). Amid all the works and tasks, what can be more delightful than receiving a parcel from the postman? Aha! Remember my post regarding the launching of iQueen in Malaysia? How could a frequent online shopper like me to miss this awesome online website out? Here I tried the service on iQueen and let's have a look at my hauls! 

As I mentioned in the previous post, provides professional packaging quality control to make sure that all of goods will be delivered to the shoppers in their best shapes. Look at the sturdy carton! Looking tough yo! There isn't any dents and deformations on the box and I'm very happy with it.

On the other hand, all of the goods were nicely bubble-wrapped and sealed before to prevent breakage and leakage issues. The staffs are really thoughtful that all of the products were tapped with several layers of cellophane tape, good job! So, what did I get for myself from iQueen

Tada!!! It's the famous Ludeya Bio Cellulose Masks all the way from Taiwan! I'm sure that most of you are aware of the Taiwanese artist Selina's burn accident in which she suffered a 3rd degree burns over 54% of her body back in 2010. She has been using Ludeya Bio Cellulose Mask for 2 years and Ludeya did a great job in helping her facial skin to recover after the burning incident. Due to this, she is now the official ambassador of Ludeya. For your information, Bio Cellulose is a medical material used to treat burn patient. It is commonly used as the “artificial skin” in medical industry since its structure is very similar to human skin. Thus, a Bio Cellulose mask is 10X more effective than a normal mask as the nutrients and essences can be easily and efficiently directed deep down into our skin cells.

Each of the boxes contains one piece of Bio Cellulose mask, it's all about luxury and exclusiveness! 

Ludeya Microneedles Bio-Cellulose Mask (Whitening & Moisturizing)
RM 22.90

Ludeya Microneedles Bio-Cellulose Mask (Pore Refining & Moisturizing)
RM 22.90

Ludeya Microneedles Bio-Cellulose Mask (Brightening & Moisturizing)
RM 22.90

So this is how the famous Bio Cellulose mask looks like.

OMG What a generous amount of serum on the pearl paper of the mask! 
By the way, the serum is in a white cream form, which is very different from the normal mask.

There are three layers in a Bio Cellulose mask where the Bio Cellulose layer is sandwiched between a white pearl paper layer and a blue non-woven layer. Look at the special texture of the Bio Cellulose mask! I have never tried anything similar before *pardon my ignorance please* The manufacturing of each piece of Bio Cellulose mask involves a 21 days of fermentation at low temperature. In addition, Bio Cellular mask contains an exclusive and patented ingredient called SEANOL which is derived from more than 10 types of algae. Furthermore, a patented technology called Micro Needle is employed in the manufacturing of the mask. There is a network of micro Bio Cellulose on the surface of the mask, which allows a 360 degree penetration of the serum and essences to your skin cells. At the same time, it can boost up the collagen production in your skin.

To apply the mask, you have to remove the white pearl paper layer and place the Bio Cellulose mask on your face, with the blue non-woven layer facing outside. After spreading the mask on your face, you can remove the blue non-woven layer. Remove the mask after 20-30 minutes and no rinsing is needed afterwards.

Ludeya Bio Cellulose Masks has a gel like texture and it's really special and unique! It adhered to my skin intimately and it fit my face shape quite nicely, not forgetting to mention that it left my skin very well-hydrated and moisturized, my pores are more refined as well! 

Simply Red Bean Drink and Simply Barley Drink
RM 29 each
I always care about my well-being and I always go for healthier food. I don't really take instant drinks because those conventional instant drinks can be very unhealthy and full of preservatives and chemical ingredients. However, Simply drinks are very different because they do not contain any sugar, preservative, additive, fragrance, seasoning and colouring. It's all about natural and organic. Simply drinks passed three tests which are pesticide test, preservatives test and heavy metal test respectively with an excellent result of 0% for each of the tests. Thus, Simply drinks were proven to be a safe and natural drink for consumers.

Simply Red Bean Drink (15 Sachets)
RM 29
Being made from natural organic red bean, Simply Red Bean Drink can 
  • Reduce water retention in body
  • Enhance body stimulation
  • Reduce body weight
  • Enhance skin radiance
  • Improve Post Menstrual Symptom

I really like the small sachets of the drink, so convenient and easy to bring around! (Plus it's so cute!)

That's how Simply Red Bean Drink looks like. In contrast to the commonly seen fine powder form of the conventional instant drinks, Simply Red Bean Drink comes in a coarse grainy texture.

It's super easy to prepare the red bean drink. Dissolve a sachet of the Simply Red Bean Drink into a glass of hot water and you're done! Since the product doesn't not contain any sugar at all, the resulting red bean drink tasted a bit plain but but but, I love it! It tasted very red bean-ish, with a mild  and natural fragrance of red bean, I like it! Besides having Simply Red Bean Drink in a plain way like I did, you can add Simply Red Bean Drink into your beverages such as milk, Milo and juices too.

Simply Barley Drink (15 Sachets)
RM 29

Being made from natural organic barley, Simply Barley Drink can help to

  • Reduce water retention in body
  • Enhance body stimulation 
  • Reduce body weight
  • Whiten skin from top to toe
  • Lighten dark spots

I wanted to try Simply Barley Drink  in a different way so I added it into my oat meal.

And it turned out to be so good! For your information, I will make myself a bowl of plain oat meal every morning, just plain oat meal without adding anything, no sugar, no condensed milk and no Milo. Some people might find plain oat meal to be gross and bland but I love the natural and raw oat meal taste. Adding Simply Barley Drink into it made it tastes even better! Now only I know that barley and oat meal are good friends hehe! Interested in trying Simply Barley Drink? Now is the perfect time for you to get it because they're having a Buy 1 Free 1 promotion now where you can get both the red bean and barley drinks at RM 29 only! You can get the products here.

In a nutshell, I'm really happy with the service of! I'm going to make more purchases from them soon, don't forget to like their Facebook Page to get a discount voucher of 10% (applicable with a minimum purchase of RM 80 and above). 

For more information,
Website     :


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