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MAC Primped Out Eye Look Bag

Are you curious about your future? I am. In fact, I'm a curious baby that I will flip to the last page of a book to have a sneak peak at the story's ending, I just can't wait to know. (And you can see that I'm an impatient person inside out >.< ) When I was a kid, I wondered how my life would be like in the future and I wished I could have a sneak peek at it. I have never expected that I will end up working in the office, I always imagine myself working on an oil rig in my safety coverall (so cool!) but obviously dream and reality are two different things. So yeah, I'm a so-called office lady now and I can have more chances to play around with my make up woohoo! Today, I'm going to share my thoughts on MAC Primped Out Eye Look Bag, it's a really fun and versatile make up set!

MAC Primped Out Eye Look Bag

MAC Primped Out Eye Look Bag is a simple make up set that consists of

•  Eye Shadow Duo (Radial Pink and Shadowy Lady)
•  Powerpoint Eye Pencil (Bordeaux)
•  Opulash Mascara Black
•  Medium angled shading brush

All of the products are enclosed in a pretty turquoise leopard-print MAC holiday bag which I personally adore so much! The colour is so pretty that I can’t take my eyes off it, turquoise is such a stunning colour, don’t you agree?

Eye Shadow Duo (Radial Pink and Shadowy Lady)

Left: Radial Pink (Icy Pink)
Right: Shadowy Lady (Plum)

The eye shadow duo consists of Radial Pink (icy pink) and Shadowy Lady (plum) and I would say that these two colours are very versatile. Radial Pink is best for daily make up and when combining the two colours, you can create a glam night look effortlessly. I like Shadowy Lady so much that I can't move my eyes away from it, the colour is simply stunning! Shadowy Lady does not contain any shimmer while Radial Pink does.

Applying these pretty eye shadows is easy peasy with the medium angled shading brush. The brush did a great job in picking up the powder and the special angle of the brush is really helpful in shading the eyelids. On the other hand, the brush is neither too soft nor too hard, its hardness is just nice that I can have a better control on the eye shadow powder now. 

Opulash Mascara Black

This is my very first try on Opulash Mascara Black and I love it! The applicator looks much bigger than the usual applicator that I was worried that it would be difficult for me to apply the mascara without getting my eyelids dirty but I was wrong. The big applicator makes the application of mascara to become easier and faster that I can get fuller-looking lashes immediately right after one application, time-saving! It went on really smoothly and it volumized my lashes naturally. No smudging even after hours of wearing, MAC products are always so promising.

Powerpoint Eye Pencil (Bordeaux)

Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Bordeaux is really special and unique!. The colour is very rich and it did not smudge at all on my eyelids, thumbs up! The quality of MAC eyeliner is unquestionably good that you can glide it on effortlessly, not mentioning that it's waterproof and smudge proof.

Black and brown eyeliners are my all time favourite but I don’t mind to try some other colours to break the boredom. Bordeaux is a suitable choice for office make up since the colour is not too vibrant and eye-catching, you don't want your boss to look at your eyes all day right? XD Okay now let's us have a look at the final look created using MAC Primped Out Eye Look Bag.

Oh pardon the poor quality of my photos, so blurry aiyoh~ You can see how all the three products complement each other and create an extraordinary yet low profile daily eye make up for work, it's nice and natural, don't you agree? Time to do something different to your daily make up for work and break the routine!



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