Thursday, 17 September 2015

Day 123

I saw her walking towards me.
I was scared.
I was so fragile and vulnerable back then.
I might cry you know, I don't want to cry.
She looked at me, with her right palm resting on my left shoulder.
Her eyes were red.
And then, tear drops were rolling down her cheek.
She was crying.
She was crying...for me.
There's something stuck in my throat and I went breathless.
I turned my face away and tried to hide my emotions, 
But I guess I failed.


It's Kacang's turn now.
I love my Kacang.
I spent most of my time with her and she is a really nice girl.
We were sitting next to each other, back to back.
I texted her, with her sitting behind me, with her back against my back.
"DO YOU WANT MY HUG?" she asked, in upper case letters, as she always does.
"No please don't, don't do so, I will cry." I insisted.
"No please, don't talk to me, I can't talk now. I will cry if I start talking."
I heard her sobbing after this,
It was so clear and so near to me, right behind my back.
She was weeping for me,
For me......
I feel so bad that people are crying for me.


He was trying to call me, so did she. 
Thank god that I turned my phone off.
I just...can't talk now.


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