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Mooi Keratin Hair Treatment - Pivoine Peony Boutique & Cafe

I have not blogged for a freaking 3 weeks oh my god! Working life has never been so busy and it's so challenging. Well, at least it's getting more and more challenging. I'm trying my best to find a new balance in my life now and yea, blogging is one of my priorities! A new post for you all after so long woohoo! Like finally hahaha~ Today, I'm going to do a review on my current favourite hair product - Mooi Keratin Hair Treatment.

Mooi Keratin Hair Treatment

Changing hair colour will always leave my hair severely damaged. My hair will become dry, frizzy and unmanageable, not forgetting that it always gets tangled into an awful state, I always have to spend time on untangling my hair after each of the showers, this is a really tiring process I tell you. After finishing my Schwarzkopf Bonocure BC Fibre Force hair care set, I happened to come across with Pivoine Peony Boutique & Cafe and I decided to try their famous hair care product, Mooi Keratin Hair Treatment.

I just coloured my hair last month and my hair went back to its dead state - frizzy, dry and fragile, combing my hair can never be so torturous. The condition of my hair did improve after each of the hair treatments that I did at the saloon, but saloon hair treatment is not cheap. I'm too poor for a weekly saloon hair treatment, well how many of us can afford a weekly saloon hair treatment? That will cost me a bomb! Nuclear bomb some more leh! Therefore, I decided to try Mooi Keratin Hair Treatment so that I can do hair treatment weekly at home hehe! I can save a lot you know! 

Mooi Keratin Hair Treatment is a hair treatment cream that help to nourish and revitalize damaged hair without leaving chemical residues on your scalp. The treatment cream is highly concentrated with keratin, which is an important protein that protects epithelial cells from damage or stress. Keratin can strengthen the hair shaft and make your hair to become more resilient, thus restoring a healthy hair for you. I need a shower of Keratin on my hair so badly! I never know that doing hair treatment at home can be this easy, all you have to do are:

1. Spread an adequate amount of the product over washed and towel dried hair
2. Leave it for 15-20 minutes
3. Rinse with clean water

Tada! Super easy right? The whole DIY treatment process takes me around 30 min and I'm very happy and satisfied with the results, let's the photos do the talking!

My hair becomes straight, shiny and silky smooth after one month of usage of the product, it doesn't get tangled that often too. The effects are exactly what you can get from a saloon hair treatment, I kid you not. In addition, the hair treatment cream is specially formulated that it will leave your hair with an enchanting fragrance, I really love its fragrance! It makes me to smell so sweet and girlish (I know I know, sweet is totally not my thing but I don't mind to smell sweet! >.<)

In a nutshell, I like how Mooi Keratin Hair Treatment nourishes my hair and I will definitely return for a second tub of it, say bye to expensive saloon hair treatment muahaha! You can get the treatment cream by contacting

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