Tuesday, 23 February 2016

3BSkin Fruitful Cocktail Basket (Enzyme Scrub), One Drop Triple Effects (Serum) & Perfecting Me 5 In 1 (Diamond UV SPF 35)

3Bskin is France formulated skin care brand with local curated design and packaging. Do you know what is meant by 3Bskin? In fact, their name is inspired by initials of three magic words: Bouncy, Brighten and Baby Skin, who doesn't want a bouncy and bright baby skin? 

It's really good to see more and more local beauty brands in the market, that means we Malaysians are capable to come out with our own beauty products too! Although 3BSkin is a local brand, their packaging is very funky and eye-catching, I would say that their packaging is on par with some of the Korean brands. I have received 3 signature products from 3BSkin and I'm going to share my thoughts with you guys after trying them out.

3BSkin Fruitful Cocktail Basket (Enzyme Scrub)
RM 79

I just couldn't move my eyes away from this pretty tube in hot pink, so girlish and princessy! 3BSkin Fruitful Cocktail Basket (Enzyme Scrub) contains gentle purifying granules that help to exfoliate skin and lift away pore-clogging impurities, dead skin cells and oil from pores, thus creating a smooth and healthy looking skin. This dual-action and purifying enzyme scrub can decongest, detoxify and refine your skin cells, hence giving you a polished and flawless complexion. As indicated by its name of Fruitful Cocktail Basket, it contains bromelain, an enzyme extracted from pineapple which is able to soften and exfoliate dead skin cells effectively. 

Using the enzyme scrub is very simple. Apply a generous layer of the product on you skin and neck and spread it out evenly with your finger tips. After that, you can leave it on your face for 5-10 minutes for the enzyme to work the magics out on your skin. Next, gently scrub in circular direction with wet fingers and lastly, rinse your face with warm water. To my surprise, the enzyme scrub is very gentle on my skin and it doesn't tickle my skin, I was expecting some tingling sensation since the scrub is enzyme based but it is really mild and gentle. When I say it is mild it doesn't mean that it is not good at exfoliating. The enzyme scrub did a satisfying job in removing my dead skin cells that I can feel that my skin becomes smoother and softer instantly. Some of the scrubs or exfoliators are too harsh on my skin that they tend to irritate my sensitive skin a lot, I can get redness after the exfoliation step. However, the exfoliating effect of 3BSkin Fruitful Cocktail Basket is just nice and mild, I would recommend this to people with sensitive skin. 

Perfecting Me 5 In 1 (Diamond UV SPF 35)

So posh! It's indeed shining brightly like a diamond! Perfecting Me 5 In 1 (Diamond UV SPF 35) is an advanced multi-functional day cream that enhances the skin's defense system in combating environmental stressors. It is specially formulated in order to reduce wrinkles, minimise pores and skin dullness. It can help to make the skin to look more resilient, radiant and mositurized. In brief, you can get 5 benefits in a bottle of Perfecting Me 5 In 1 (Diamond UV SPF 35) including UV Protection, brightening, hydrating, firming & lifting and oil controlling.

What a thoughtful design of Perfecting Me 5 In 1, you can check the level of the day cream from the indicator window, so convenient right?

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The day cream is BB cream alike with light coverage. Perfecting Me 5 In 1 is very light on my face and my skin doesn't feel heavy and sticky after the application. However, the coverage is too light that I would need to put on another layer of BB cream for a better coverage.

One Drop Triple Effects
RM 79

One Drop Triple Effects is a hydrating and anti-acne serum that serves for moisturizing and blemish controlling purpose. It can reduce the inflammation and redness caused by acne and blemish, thus it is exceptionally suitable for people with sensitive skin. At the same time, this multi-benefit serum can clarify and even out your skin tone, hence giving you a radiant and youthful complexion. It is recommended to use the serum continuously for 10-15 days for a visible result. After the cleansing and toning step, apply the serum on your face and neck and gently massage until all of the serum is fully absorbed. 

The serum has a very thick viscosity and it's really concentrated. I don't really have acne problem so  I don't really see any significant effect on my face but it doubtlessly does keep my skin well hydrated and moisturized.  

In short, I'm pretty happy with the three products from 3BSkin and I would love to try some other products from this brand. Let's give local brands some support and encouragement by giving their Facebook page a like! Do visit their website yo!


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