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Oshan Infinite Collagen Beauty Drink: All-Shine for Infinite Perfection

I won't say every woman but I believe that most of the women wishes for an eternal youth. Who doesn't want her skin to stay bouncy, elastic and radiant even when she gets old? Today, I'm going to share a review on Oshan Infinite Collagen Beauty Drink. I know I'm still very young to start consuming collagen drink so this review is based on my mum's experience with the product, mum is the special guest star today! I got to say that I really put in extra efforts in reviewing this collagen beauty drink because you know, it takes some time for this kind of product to show its effects on skin so my mum patiently consumed the collagen drinks from February till mid April (she finished one box of the collagen drinks) and for me, I took photos of her for comparison purpose on a weekly basis. Hopefully this post will let you know how effective Oshan Infinite Collagen Beauty Drink is in anti-aging. 

Oshan Infinite Collagen Beauty Drink
RM 243.80

There're so many collagen beauty drinks in the market, what's so special with Oshan Infinite Collagen Beauty Drink? Also, how the drink is going to help me in anti-aging? What are the effects that it can give me? These are the questions that came into my mind when I was first introduced to Oshan Infinite Collagen Beauty Drink and I believe that you would love to know the answers too before making the purchase, after all collagen beauty drink is nothing cheap, no harm to ask more and learn more about the products right?


1. Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins  (OPC)
I know this sounds too scientific and in human language, this is the potent anti-oxidants extracted from grape seeds. It can protect skin cells against UV-induced oxidative stress and at the same time, it can help to prevent varicose veins by controlling chronic venous insufficiency. Many women are troubled by varicose veins as they age and this symptom is mainly caused by pregnancy or prolonged standing/sitting. When the situation gets worse, they will have their veins enlarged and twisted, sometime the veins get so large that they get swollen under the skin. That is not so pretty I tell you... I have never come across with collagen drink that can help to prevent varicose veins and this totally caught my attention.

2. Olive Fruit Extract (Hydroxytyrosol)
Aha! I studied this before! *Proud of Myself lolll* Hydroxytyrosol is the major anti-inflammatory compound in aqueous olive extracts and it is able to reduce oxidative stress induced by aging and pollution.

3. Yeast Extract (source of L-glutathione)
A powerful antioxidant and detoxifier that protects cells from free radicals, oxidative stress and boosts the immune system.

4. Astaxanthin
This is what people called "the natural sunscreen". Take this and you need chemical sunscreen no more haha (no lah just kidding, chemical sunscreen is a must to protect your skin from UV radition effectively). Astaxanthin can reduce free radicals tremendously and meanwhile, it is able to protect your skin from intense ultraviolet radiation.

5. Ascorbic Acid
Better know as Vitamin C, ascorbic acid plays an important role in maintaining the health of skin, cartilage, teeth, bone and blood vessels. It can protect body cells from damage too! 
6. Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen
Extracted from Tremella Mushroom, the pure fish scale collagen is very suitable for human body's absorption. It is good at retaining moisture in the skin from both inside and outside of the skin.

7. Rose Placenta Extract
I guess everyone knows how good placenta extract is in anti-aging right? Rose placenta extract is proven for its superior antioxidant and free radical removal effect and it is able to rejuvenate skin by improving dry, flaky and wrinkled skin from aging. 

8. Apple & Grape Stem Cells
Stem cells from these two yummy fruits are effective in repairing and replacing damaged cells, they can delay biological aging of essential cells, the so-called anti-aging!

After going through the ingredients list and the benefits of each constituents, I believe that you already have a rough idea on how Oshan Infinite Collagen Beauty Drink can help you to shine from within. I personally find that this collagen drink is different from the rest because it is not merely for beauty purpose, but for health too. I really like how the drink can help in varicose veins because this is really something useful to women.  

Each box of Oshan Infinite Collagen Beauty Drink comes with 20 sachets of the drinks and one box will last you for around 1 month. For the first week of consumption, you will need to take the drink on a daily basis either before breakfast or before going to bed. My mum takes the drink before her breakfast because she doesn't want to wake up in the midnight for toilet haha! After the first week of consumption, you will need to consume the drink on alternate day. 

Mix the sachet with 200mL of cold water and your beauty drink is ready to serve! Although it was my mum who was consuming the beauty drink but I secretly had a sip at her drink to try the taste (don't tell her!) The beauty drink tastes like a berry juice to me, sweet and refreshing! So my mum consumed the beauty drink diligently (she recorded the day she had the drink on the calender some more so that she won't forget when to take the drink) and after she finished one box of the drink, it's time to see the results and outcomes. I will be showing the changes on her eyes, smile lines and cheek in a collated photo so that you girls can compare it. The first photo in each collage was taken before she started to consume the beauty drinks, next will be 1st week, 2nd week and so on. You girls understand lah hor? 

I know this is scary because even my mum can't believe that her skin changed so drastically by just consuming one box of Oshan Infinite Collagen Beauty Drink. But then photos never lie so she is happy that her pigmentation is greatly lightened, not mentioning that her fine lines on eyes are less visible now. (Okay now she says she wants to get another box of it, just take her money) Oh ya, she also mentioned that she feels that her body skin is getting smoother and softer day by day, when mum says something then you have to believe in her because mum is forever right hehe!

In short, Oshan Infinite Collagen Beauty Drink works on my mum and she totally in love with it. I would recommend this to those who needs to improve her health and beauty at the same time because Oshan Infinite Collagen Beauty Drink contains all the required ingredient forbeautiful skin in one remedy. Interested to try the beauty drink? You can now get it from Lazada at Don't forget to give Power Life Malaysia FB Page a like to follow their latest updates!


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