Wednesday, 20 April 2016

3CE Duo Color Face Blush - Creme De Violette

Blusher is my daily essential because it can make your complexion to look healthier and more radiant. I'm a huge fans of blusher but believe it or not, I have never used any powder blusher before. This is literally my very first try on powder blusher and guess what, I'm all in love with it after the first try! Today Im going to share my review on 3CE Duo Color Face Blush in Creme De Violette shade. I'm a satisfied 3CE user and their Duo Color Face Blush did not let me down, it's so good that it changed my stereotype on powder blusher.

I used to think that powder blusher is not as pigmented and long lasting than cream blusher but 3CE Duo Color Face Blush proved me wrong. The colour of the face blush is very vivid and vibrant on my face, just brush it over your cheek lightly and you can see the vibrant blush on your face. 

The face blush comes in two shades, which are baby pink and violet. Both of the shades are really lovely, cute and natural. Best choice for those who like cute Korean make up style. I do have a Shu Uemura cream blusher in baby pink shade but violet blusher is something new to me, I hope it will look nice on my cheek and flaunt my complexion. 

The colours are so soft and girlish and I just can't resist them, dreamy and princessy is my cup of tea!

The powder is really fine and smooth, plus it can be picked up by the brush bristle effortlessly, it's absolutely hassle free in moving the powder from the pan to your cheek. 

Look, the colour is very vibrant and it's really eye-catching.

I really love how the blush appears on my cheek, the colour is vivid enough and yet, it is not too exaggerating. It makes me to look younger and healthier, don't you think so? In short, I love this face blush and it has now become one of my make up staples. 

Ahhh I'm so addicted to blusher now! Blusher, eyeliner and lipstick are my current Achilles heels, can someone set me free from the addiction and obsession please?



  1. Replies
    1. 我也是一直在欣赏照片!越看越开心!

    2. Eh我也是在看照片。。哈哈!有细节,拍得很漂酿!

    3. 谢谢珍妮花!被你这么一说我很开心咧!:)

  2. Awwww, I'm afraid that you'll never be free from your obsession! I should know because I have been obsessed with makeup since forevaaaa, haha!

    So, you have only used cream blushes prior to this? Which do you prefer, cream or powder?

    1. Hello Bijin Blair!

      High Five! Well since I can never be free from the obsession then I shall enjoy it instead hehe! Ya, this is my very first powder blusher and I'm a loyal fans to cream blusher before this. I love the matte and shine-free finish that powder blusher gives on my cheek, I would love to try more of them! But I can't really say which is my preference because both of them are good in their own way! (Which means that I'm going to have more blushers in my collection opps! XD)


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