Saturday, 19 November 2016

Enchanteur Paris Scented Body Care Products: Mon Amie, Belle Amour and Adore

Today we are going to talk about body fragrance, something that I'm really into recently. I was using Burberry Body and had just finished my bottle last month. I wanted to get something more affordable to replace it because you know, the price of Burberry is on the higher end. I need a fragrance that smells light and fresh and at the same time, affordable enough for daily usage. I browsed around Watson and Guardian and decided to get myself a set of Enchanteur Paris body care.

Enchanteur Paris is a well known local brand that offers a range of timeless French inspired fine fragrances and fragrance infused bodycare products at affordable price. Living under our hot weather conditions coupled with hectic lifestyles, women relish having a slather of lotions or serums to protect and care for their skin daily.

While indulging in the captivating scents from the EDT to the body lotions and serum, down to the roll on deodorants and body mists, a woman will then be fully prepared and ready to transform ordinary days into days filled with endless magical moments with Enchanteur Paris. The Enchanteur Paris Parfum Body Care Range is available in 3 mesmerizing scents of Mon Amie, Belle Amour and Adore.

Enchanteur Paris Adore Parfum Deo Mist (100mL)
RM 10.10

This is a perfumed deo mist that offers 24 hours protection against body odour for total confidence all day long. Coming with a spray nozzle, I can apply the mist anywhere anytime in just one spray, very convenient indeed. The mist smells sweet and girlish and the best part part is that the scent is not too overwhelming. I like how the light scent lingers around me all day long without fading away. Adore Range which is a combination of floral and fruity scents evokes a sense of nostalgic magic of lasting impression relived every day. In attaining the confidence, having healthy skin which is our first line of defence against germs, UV rays and pollutants is of utmost importance.

Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie Whitening & Refreshing Parfum Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (50mL)
RM 8.70

Inspired by sheer happiness, Mon Amie is a scent that perks up your day and best suited for casual outings with friends. I love how the roll on provides a cooling sensation on my skin, it feels so fresh! It claims that it can help to lighten skin tone by reducing the formation of melanin so it can serve as an underarm whitening product too.

Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour Triple Whitening Parfum Body Lotion
RM 7.50 (100mL)
RM 16.95 (300ml)

Dark skin and uneven skin tone are one of the most difficult battles faced by women. Most are found around the back areas of the neck, knees and elbows. Connoting the blossoming of love and romance, Belle Amour Triple Whitening Parfum Body Lotion can provide instant and long term radiant fairness from 3 whitening agents - Licorice extract, Sakura extract and Vitamin B3. The combined benefits of the 3 whitening ingredients help provide 5x instant fairness.

For more information, please visit to Enchanteur's official Facebook page.


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