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SEP Jeju Mask Range Review: Yay or Nay?

SEP Jeju Mask Pack

It seems like Jeju Island is a treasure island in South Korea that nurtures many magical key ingredients that are widely used in Korean skin care and make up. Jeju volcanic clay, Jeju spring water, Jeju organic green tea, just to name a few. Therefore, I couldn't help myself from labeling skin care products containing Jeju-ingredients as "premium" and "useful". I'm not sure how true my theory is, but I do have additional confidence with these products as my experiences so far proves that my theory is somehow right. Therefore, I'm very much delighted to get to know the launch of SEP Jeju Mask Pack in Malaysia, not mentioning there are 4 types of facial masks in this range, each addressing to different skin problems. Made in Korea, each mask pack contains concentrated clean and natural key ingredients from nature’s paradise - Jeju Island, which is well-known by the locals as a mystic island with clean water and refreshing air all year round. Complemented with its fertile soil formed by volcanic eruptions two million years ago, the island is home to a unique and rich ecology with an abundance of flora and fauna.

Front to back: 
SEP Canola Honey Nourishing Mask
SEP Cactus Fruit Moisturizing Mask
SEP Green Tea Soothing Mask
SEP Tangerine Brightening Mask

To enable maximum absorption of the essence and nutrient by the skin, SEP Jeju Mask Pack uses an innovative formula known as air pocket sheet. The mask sheet contains small airy space on the facial mask fabric that adheres to the skin to encapsulate air and lock in the active-rich essence, providing a more effective absorption of nutrient for the skin which is suitable for women of all age with various skin concerns.  

I totally love the packaging in vibrant colours, they look energetic, youthful and undoubtedly eye-captivating! SEP Jeju Mask Pack is priced at RM5.90 per piece and RM24.90 per box of 5 pieces. Smart consumers like me will definitely go for the box pack, save the pennies for more shopping haha! 

It took me a very long time (a whole month to be exact!) to try and test all 4 types of mask packs before I can finally compose my review here. I want to share my honest and truthful opinions and verdicts with my readers so pardon me for taking too long sometime. It takes a longer time for the effects of skin care products to manifest so I don't want to make reckless conclusion without trying out the products properly. There are some bloggers who can come out with their "reviews" in a few days after they received the products and I wonder how they work the magic out *Maybe it's just me being slowpoke*

SEP Green Tea Soothing Mask

I was really excited to try SEP Green Tea Soothing Mask out because I'm a hardcore green tea fans! Putting on a green tea mask is the ultimate pampering to my skin haha! The soothing mask is highly concentrated with green tea extract that comforts irritated skin, resulting in healthier and more radiant-looking complexion. Other key ingredients and their respective functions are:

  • Tea tree - Anti-bacterial and sterilization reaction that deeply soothes the skin
  • Centella Asiatica (madecassic acid substance) - Skin renewal
  • Propolis, Yam Essence & Lavender - Refresh & moisturize the skin, leaving it soft and supple

The atmosphere was pervaded by a strong scent of green tea. I wish the scent can be lighter as I personally prefer gently scented mask sheet.

Thinner than the conventional sheet mask, SEP Green Tea Soothing Mask does adhere to my skin tightly. The mask sheet is a bit too large for my face but I really love how it hugs my skin seamlessly, this can make sure that every inches of my skin is well pampered and nourished with the mask essence.

SEP Green Tea Soothing Mask surprisingly did a wonderful job in soothing my tired skin after a whole week stationing at job site. My skin condition deteriorates significantly after working under the sun for a whole week long - dry cheek, clogged pores, chapped lips and extremely oily T-zone. I have used 3 SEP Green Tea Soothing Mask in a row and I have to agree with the product description that it does comforts irritated skin and leaves behind a radiant complexion. Another point that I would like to highlight is that the mask essence is tremendously lightweight and readily absordable. I love to leave the essence on my face throughout the night without rinsing it off and wake up the next day like a beauty pageant queen. The mask is actually very good! 

SEP Tangerine Brightening Mask

With tangerin infused, this mask brightens dry and dull looking skin with Jeju tangerine and cucumber that contain rich amount of nutrients, such as Vitamin C which enhances the brightening process and helps to diminish the look of existing pigmentation. It contains all-natural ingredients harvested in Jeju Island, such as Devil’s claw herb that is anti-inflammatory and has sterilization effect; Daisy that is great for detoxification and whitening effect; Edelweiss and Niacinamide that has high content of water-soluble Vitamin B3 which helps skin whitening.  

I have used up to 3 SEP Tangerine Brightening Mask so far and I'm glad to report that my skin does look brighter and clearer. I would say that the brightening effect is not immediate and instant, so be patient and keep using the mask, you will eventually see the brightening effect.

SEP Canola Honey Nourishing Mask

This is my favourite mask in SEP Jeju Mask Range because it smells the best haha! It has a light and natural chamomile scent that lingers around even after you rinse you face off. I particularly love the calming and tranquilizing honey scent. Some key ingredients as below:
  • Jeju Canola Honey - high in protein, fatty acid, vitamins & minerals
  • Centella Asiatica (tiger grass) - contains a significant amount of madecassic acid helps to revive dull and dehydrated skin
  • Rose water, chamomile & lavender - Offers a lovely scent that provides soothing effect suitable for relieving anxiety
  • Aloe vera - Moisturise dry skins & provides the skin a healthy glow.   

Another reason for me to rank SEP Canola Honey Nourishing Mask as my favourite among the mask range is due to its great nourishing and hydrating effects on my skin. The effects are so obvious and significant that my colleague asked me if I went for laser treatment because my skin was glowing *the happiness* I would see myself repurchase SEP Canola Honey Nourishing Mask because it works like magic on me. 

SEP Cactus Fruit Moisturizing Mask

How interesting is this! A cactus fruit mask! Despite of the wide varieties of facial mask offered in the market, I have never come across with a cactus fruit mask, this is definitely a must try. Key ingredients of this mask are
  • Cactus fruit (high content of Vitamin C) - Gives dry complexions a revitalizing and hydrating boost
  • Aloe vera, bamboo, hyaluronic acid & basil - Nourishing
  • Oat seed - Gently exfoliates, cleanses and nourishes the skin
  • Salvia extract - Anti-inflammatory & sterilization effect that helps revive and heals the skin.

The unusual ingredient list piqued my interest on SEP Cactus Fruit Moisturizing Mask, oat seed in a mask? That is mind blowing for real. After applying the mask on my face for 20 min, I gave my skin a good massage for soft exfoliation purpose. To my surprise, my skin is well polished and I can feel that it becomes softer and smoother. My skin also looks more plump, as if the skin cells are fed with enough nutrients and water. 

I can see myself getting hooked to SEP Jeju Mask Range. SEP Jeju Mask Range is indeed a high performance sheet mask that deliver results that it claimed. Containing premium ingredients from Jeju Island, the masks are pocket friendly (only RM 5.90/pcs!) and I actually don't mind to restock some SEP Canola Honey Nourishing Mask, because it deeply nourishes my skin and makes me glow! 

SEP Jeju Mask Pack is now available exclusively at all nationwide Watsons stores, go grab yours now!

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