Thursday, 31 May 2018

Sending Parcels In A Few Clicks With

E-commerce is such a trend nowadays that most of us can do online shopping anywhere and anytime. Shopping can never be this easy and all the merchandise is just a few clicks away. My favourite weekend activity is none other than online shopping at home. Usually I will place my orders over the weekend and have the parcels be delivered to my doorstep in the upcoming week. Speaking of parcels, this is always the most painful process of my entire online shopping experience. Late delivery, missing parcels, sorry note (even if I'm home the whole day!), just to name a few. Making phone calls to the courier's customer service center is the last thing I want to do because for most of the time, I will either be redirected to multiple departments before I get to talk to the right person, or my call will never be answered. I don't even know which is worse. Apart from this, I personally have encountered various issues when sending parcels to my friends. Talk about all the frustration associated with courier company. 

In order to provide a better experience to all users, GDEX has come out with their very own portal, where members can send out parcels through an easy and integrated online system.

Membership of is FREE and based on my experience so far, it's a useful portal with user friendly interface, it's really simple to use and navigate through the portal. Upon signing in your account, you will be redirected to your Dashboard as shown above. 

  • To send your package, go to “Send Package”.
  • To check your shipment history, go to “Shipment”.
  • To purchase GDEX supplies, go to “Supplies”.
  • To top-up e-wallet or check top-up transaction, go to “My Credit”.
  • To update your profile info or address book, go to “My Page”.
  • To track your parcel, go to “Tools

For sending packages, there are 2 options available: Single Recipient and Multiple Recipient. This is great when you need to send several parcels at the same time, I can totally see how this can ease the burden of blogshop owners. 

Another highlight of this portal is that you can key in recipient details, this is super convenient! I still remember that I have to copy my friends' address onto the airway bill manually and it's such a time consuming process. With, I can just copy and paste the address and complete this step in less than 1 min, hassle free and it cuts down on human error as well.

Next, you can choose the prefered pick-up method of your parcel at your convenience. I like how GDEX goes into details by allowing us to choose from van, motorbike or offsize truck, this allows us to have a better control on the desired mode of transportation to optimize the cost. 

Lastly, complete the whole process by filling in the parcel details and GDEX will get back to you with a quotation shortly. 

If you are running low on the supplies, you can place your order through as well. Payment on the portal can be made via iPay88 or e-Wallet. Speaking of the payment, GDEX offers attractive e-Wallet scheme and member price, do check them out yo!

For members who need an invoice for documentation purpose, you can generate one from too.

With their own delivery network, GDEX is able to provide a seamless and integrated delivery service. Based on the user friendly portal, I can see that GDEX understands all the pain points that we all are having all these while and is undoubtedly a new breakthrough in Malaysia's courier service provider. Do register yourself on the portal today to enjoy a hassle free and easy parcels sending experience!


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