Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Happy New Year

    Finally Chinese New Year came to an end!! Let me summarise what I have done during the 15 days of new year!!

    Hmm, in fact I spent most of my time on eating and visiting relatives. I really ate a lot of nice food during the new year!! Let's check them out!!

 Ba Kwa is a must!!

New Year Cookies!!
Don't misunderstand, none of them were hand-made, all bought one hahahaha!! 

 New Year must-have!! 大头虾!!
It's my favourite New Year Dish ^^

Smoked duck is delicious too!!
Delicate and juicy duck meat with my favourite smoky taste!!
In fact I hate duck meat because they are hard the the grey colour of duck meat looks awful, but this smoked duck really changed my impression on duck!!
It's super tasty!!
Get it at 

Chicken is another New Year must-have dish.

I eat fish everyday during the New Year!

Coconut Chicken
It looks nice doens't it?

Fresh and juicy.

In fact I only took photos for some of the dishes. I only took photos when I have mood to do so and when I remember to do so. XD
But most of the time I will just sit down and eat, haha!!

Cute huh? It tasted good too!!

Guess what is it.

Had supper every night.
But I only took the photo of Ice Kacang, LOL!!

Lok Lok!! 
Every year must eat!!
(It seems like everything is a must-eat to my family >w<)
Don't know what is Lok Lok?
Ok let me explain here!!
Emmm at a Lok Lok stall, all of the food are presented in a ''satay'' way, and most of the food are raw, you have to cook the food by yourself.

Crazyy!! It was so crowded!!

Ate near hundred sticks of them.


So Chinese New Year has ended.
And I have gained weight T.T



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