Monday, 6 February 2012

Mini Trip

I went for a trip recently!!

Went to a glass temple!!

We crossed a railway (It was super dangerous ok?!!)

Climbed here, 

and climbed there,
and found that,

So we just took some photos and left, LOL!!

By the way it was Dinah's Birthday!!

OMG I can't believe that my friends are turning 22 this year!! 
It's so scary!!
22 years old?
Eligible to be a mother!
Oh nonono I couldn't accept it!!
Friends, why are you all getting older and older?
Oh I just realize that I'm crapping again XD
Ok back to our trip!!

We proceeded to Taman Merdeka!!

The lake is so disgusting!!

The lotus are all rotten!!

We took a lot of hilarious photos there!!

 Can't stop from laughing!!

Ok show you all a normal photo hahahaha

Push push push!

OMG What am I doing?

Funny huh? 
I myself really tak boleh tahan when looking at these idiotic photos!!
And did you notice that Dinah was carrying a cake in all of the photos?

Had dinner at Bull Head

Took photos like crazy while waiting for the food.

And Zic gave me a chocolate Lip Gloss.
Cute huh?

The painting is so nice.

Although we didn't do much things during the trip but it was very fun!!
Maybe a mini trip is better than a real trip? LOL!



  1. 其实我都没有酱在意我的年龄,你酱在意做么?=3=


It's my pleasure to have your comment here :)
喜歡我的文章的話就留個言讓我知道吧 我會很開心的 ^^

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