Friday, 19 October 2012

Just Crap

             OH MY GOD I'M GETTING CRAZY!!!!!! WHO CAN SAVE ME OUT PLEASE~~*pulling my hair crazilyyyyy*

             I have been sitting in front of my laptop, staring at the monitor with my fingers flying through the keyboard since yesterday's morning till now!! I know, you must be guessing that I'm watching drama crazily BUT YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG! (Good girl like me don't watch drama at this crazy level okay, at least not while I'm in my semester)

               The real fact is, THE PRINCESS HAS BEEN DOING HER REPORTS CONTINUOUSLY FOR TWO DAYS!!! From day to night I'm trying my best to squeeze my brain juice and explain my experiments O.o This is too crazy and I'm going insane soon!! Guess what? I completed THREE reports in a row yesterday!! This is so kisiao!! Now I'm still struggling with Process Control report * cry cry cry* T.T

               I feel that all my energy has drained out and my brain is going to hang soon, now it's not functioning properly already!! I can feel the LAG!!

              Argh I have been posting too much on my grudges and complaints, I should have stop this bad habit!

              Chemical engineering is not easy huh? No wonder so many seniors attempt to commit suicide (but all failed HAHAHA!!) One of them even tried to jump from the window of his room but for sure he is not dead!! And he became the laughingstock among the hostelmates LOLLLLL!

             Okay enough of crapping and complaining, I should get back to my overheavy workload now. Bye Bye~


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