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Komugi Feast

      I know I know I know, it has been years that I didn't blog!! Bear with me, the Princess was too busy with all kinds of works T.T (never-ending-sad-story) But I'm on holiday now!! Woo Hoo!!! (Although the holiday only lasts for 1 month 0.o) Whatever it is, now I'm a free man wahahahahahaha! You can never imagine my happiness!!!

     I have sosososososo many stories to tell and let's start with the Komugi Feast that I had in Pavilion before I started my dreadful study week!!

Always wanted to snap a photo with the beautiful mural and finally I did it!!

Music staircase

Fluid-filled tiles
I love the color!


Decided to dine at Pavilion's Tokyo Street

So we chosed Komugi hohoho~

Set Menu of the day~

Wow what is this? At the first sight I thought Komugi is selling fruits also but after double checked I found that these are all breads!!! No I'm not kidding!! They are really breads!! OMG How they made this? Super cute!!!

Let's have a close look at these apples!! They look like apples exactly!!!

Mangoes look good too!! They really have a blend of yellow and green in their "skin" lollll!!



Cream Puff spotted!!! Must order!!

Die le Die le, they are selling cakes and pies also!! OMG I can't imagine how many food I will order later o.O

WHAT?!!! They are selling Swiss Roll also? Why Oh Why Why did I step into this shop? I'm going to bankrupt T.T

Wanna try the huge rolls of Swiss Rolls but they do not sell them in slices T.T Why Komugi Why? I can't finish a roll so.....算了吧....Haizzzz

Comfortable environment with romantic lighting

Ordered a table of food!!

Cream Puff RM 4.80

Look at the cream!! OMG I'm dying now~
The cream is really light and fresh!! Unlike normal cream which is usually oily and thick, Komugi's cream was served in a Japanese way that it's so light and I feel really healthy!!

We ordered some cakes too

Zahha Choco RM5.90

In fact the chocolate coating is exactly the same as Secret's Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence!

Ahhh that cake was so soft and fluffy!!!

Honey Roll
RM 3.90

The only Swiss Roll that they sell in individual slice, so I have no other choice but to order this. 
And it was good!! Very soft cakes with a very strong honey taste!! (Actually it tasted like Kuih Bahulu lolllll!!) And again, I love the cream fillings!! How they made the cream to be so soft and light? Teach me!!!!

I really wish to try the Matcha Red Bean Swiss Roll but it only comes in a roll T.T I'm a very big-eater I know, but a roll is still too much for me =3=

Forgot to tell!!! They served us with FREE warm water!! Where to find shops which serve FREE water these days? I really 受宠若惊hahahaha!!

Yeah Christmas was around the corner when I was there.

I know you are waiting for the food photos and here you go!!! All yummy breads hohoho!! 

After I picked my buns and I handed over to the counter, the waitresses asked me to wait at my seat and I was like "Huh? Then my buns leh?" After waited at my seat for around 15 minutes, my buns were served. (And I was thinking "What is taking you so long to serve my buns huh?) 

I had the first bite on my Soft Cheese Bun and my anger was all gone. The bun was piping hot!!! They heated up all the buns before serving to us!! How heart-warming is it!!! 

Soft Cheese Bun
RM 3.20

THIS IS NO JOKE. Look at the CHEESE!!! Arghhh I was totally melted down!!!

My favorite of the day: Golden Royal Almond
RM 3.20

This is super duper nice!!! Actually it tasted like a Croissant to me!!
The outer layer is super super crispy and it was honey-coated!! (You know, I love sweet stuffs kekekeke)
I really liked this too much that I couldn't control myself and took away another one before leaving lolll!!

Snow Chocolate
RM 3.50
Being cheated by its appearance =3=
I thought this will be sweet too but it wasn't :( 
Tuna Boat Bun
RM 3.50

It really surprised me!!! At first I thought it will be just a normal ordinary Tuna bun and after I cut it into half I was totally stunned.

Crazy man! So many Tuna fillings!!! 
And there were some onions and cucumber slices inside the Tuna!! So crunchy!! Totally in love with it!!

Raisin Cream Cheese
RM 3.90

Nothing special actually. It was exactly the same as Soft Cheese Bun hahahaha!

Crepe Omelette
RM 7.00

Okay how should I eat this Crepe Omelette? 

I really had a very high expectation on this omelette since it was the most expensive order of the day. However.....
You totally let me down, Mr. Omelette.

I know I know it looked ugly like this but I just wanna show you what is inside. 
Basically Crepe Omelette is "layers of cake and banana and cream and strawberry flavored yogurt wrapped in crepe"

And I don't really like it. :(

Hohohoho!! The biscuit (I dunno what should I call it so I just call it biscuit lolll!)  at the bottom of the Crepe Omelette was heavenly good!!! Komugi do you sell this "biscuit" separately? 

RM 4.80

Hmm Hmm Krone was nice but not that heavenly nice kekekeke!! But I felt cheated since the Krone was not fully filled with cream, it looked like fully filled but in fact it wasn't.

Don't try to cheat the Princess!!


Overall I'm satisfied with the feast today keke~ (Typical Bread Lover)
Yummy food will brighten my day hohohoho!!!!

Komugi Cafe, Pavilion

P6.24.1A, Tokyo Street, Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168, Jalan Raja Chulan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.



P/S: I wanna try the Matcha Red Bean Swiss Roll so badly wuwuwuuw T.T



  1. Halo! What you mean when u mentioned after u picked the buns and she asked you to wait?? Mean they took ur buns away and place it on plate then serve you??

  2. yalah very funny!! They took away all my breads, then later they served the breads using nicer de plates, very haoxiao hor?

  3. I fell in love with their cheese cake awww!!!

    1. Hi Yuh Jiun!

      You can try their Harajuku Cheese Cake too! I heard it's nice but I haven't tried it out. :)


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