Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Slide the City in Johor Bahru - So Much Fun & Splashes!

The recent weather is getting hotter and I can't stop myself from perspiring, so hot! Beach, water park and swimming pool become my favourite hang out place since May. Therefore, I'm extraordinary excited to know that Slide the City will be making their way to Johor Bahru! 

Look at the colourful inflatable tubes, they totally perked me up! 
I have forgotten when was the last time I played water using a tube, I felt like a kid again!

So here is the legendary 1000ft-long slide, it's so long that I can't even see its end, it's exactly like what is shown on their official website.

I went there at late afternoon around 3:30pm so I was expecting scorching sun and sun-kissed skin. However, there're some trees all along the slide so it helps to shadow the sliders a bit.

Oh ya did I mention that I had a good time shooting random strangers with my colourful water gun?
You can't stay dry when you're here I tell you, you need and will get wet! I secretly wished that I could have two water guns in both of my hands so that I can shoot more at one go hahahaha! 

The crowd frightened me a little but fret not, the queue moved pretty fast and I didn't wait too long before I get to slide. Well I don't mind to wait longer because I really enjoyed shooting strangers with my water gun lol! (Sorry to all the victims who kena my bullets >.<) The event is more fun and enjoyable that I thought. There're times when your tube is stuck at the slide but there're many helpful staffs who will lend a helping hand to you instantly. I had a good 3 slides and I wish I can slide more! Even my parents who don't really like water-related activities love it. You don't need to know swimming, just sit on the tube and slide all the way down the hill! One thing that I don't really like is that shower room is not provided at the event location, which means that you can only dry yourself using a towel and change your clothes in tiny toilet. I definitely will join the event again if Slide the City is coming to Johor Bahru next year, so much fun and splashes! In fact, I keep my water gun in my store room for next year's event haha! *Shhhhh*


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