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My First Try on belif Skin Care: On-The-Go Holiday Travel Kit

If you are a loyal reader of this space then you will know my habit in trying out new brand: I always start from travel kit. Don't you think that travel kit is the best way to start understanding one brand? A travel kit usually comes with 4-6 skin care products in trial size so I can try the whole line out without breaking my bank. Besides, travel kit is usually not expensive so let say if I don't really fancy the skin care line or the products do irritate my sensitive skin, I can just cross the brand from my list without feeling painful to my purse. Hence, I own quite a number of travel kit from different brands hehe! 

Okay long story short, this post is supposed to be a review on belif On-The-Go Holiday Travel Kit. I have heard about belif from some of my blogger friends but I have not had the urge to try the brand out until my trip to Penang back in September. I happened to step into their store at Queensbay Mall and the soothing fragrance of the products totally caught my attention. It smells gentle, calming and tranquilizing. I know I need to try the brand out.

Created by a UK herbalist, belif is a "true herbal cosmetic" brand which believes in the value of honesty and power of the truth. belif only uses essential ingredients, list them all honestly and does not use flashy packaging.

5 Promises from belif

5 promises from belif: True Ingredients, True Formula, True Safety, True Benefit and True Timelessness. belif only uses strictly selected true herbs and it truthfully discloses ingredients on its container labels. These promises invoked my curiosity about belif and let's scroll down to find out more. Oh before that, there are 5 products in the travel kit, which are: 
  • Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist 
  • Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner 
  • Hungarian Water Essence  
  • Moisturizing & Firming Eye Cream 
  • The True Cream Aqua Bomb

Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist

A vitamin C-packed, creamy foam cleanser that gently yet effectively removes makeup and impurities while hydrating your skin. It lathers into a very rich foam and it really feels like I'm cleansing my face with whipping cream! I had a lot of fun with the rich bubbles hehe! 

Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner

Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner is a fast-absorbing gel-liquid toner that tones and refreshes all skin types. It's really light that it get absorbed by my skin literally instantly upon application. Despite being light and readily absorbable, the toner has a gel-like consistency so it won't bring mess when I pour it out from the bottle. No spillage, no overpour, no hassle. 

Hungarian Water Essence

I love this essence! It's so good at keeping my skin hydrated and my skin feels extraordinarily soft, and supple after using it. There is a significant change at my skin condition after I started to apply Hungarian Water Essence day and night.  Based on the product info, the essence is made from the purest Hungarian water and it can increase skin's hydration level by 20%. I'm somehow convinced because my skin does feel different after I added the essence to my skin care routine. 

Moisturizing & Firming Eye Cream

Moisturizing & Firming Eye Cream provides long-lasting moisture and elasticity to the delicate eye area. I gave this to my mum because I think this will suit her better since she has really dry skin at eye area. She has been using it for a week and she said she likes it. The eye cream keeps her sensitive eye area moisturized and at the same time, it does not make the applied area oily and greasy. Some of the eye creams are good at hydrating and moisturising but they are very oily. This one is just nice! 

The True Cream Aqua Bomb

My favourite product among all, The True Cream Aqua Bomb! I gotta say that this bomb has won my heart, I'm going to buy the full size product after I finish my mini aqua bomb. Refreshing, light-weight, moisturizing and hydrating, the water bomb surprised me with its amazing hydrating power. My skin on cheeks often feel dry and I applied a generous amount of the product on my cheeks day and night to keep it hydrated. The aqua bomb keeps my skin fresh and hydrated all day long and it makes my make up to stay longer on my skin. Not mentioning how soothing and calming the cream smells! 

In brief, I love how belif incorporates traditional herbs and natural ingredients in skin care products and I'm so hooked to the gentle herbal fragrance. The True Cream Aqua Bomb and Hungarian Water Essence are now added to my to-buy-list, they really work! 

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  1. Belif has been on my to try list for the longest time (even before they came into MY) but the price point is quite off-putting :( Idk, I like my Korean products cheap, hahaha.

    I've a mind to give Moisturizing & Firming Eye Cream a go. Your description is very convincing. Do you by any chance know how much it retails for?

    1. High Five! I personally think that their products are quite expensive, that's why I started from the travel kit >.< The full size Moisturizing & Firming Eye Cream (25mL) is retailed at RM 190 (information from my friend staying at Penang, hence the late reply), hope it helps!


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