Saturday, 24 June 2017

Baby Shower Personalized Gifting Ideas with Gifts Less Ordinary

When I was a student, birthday party is the occasion that everyone looks forward the most. This is the time that we get to gather, dress up together and of course, go to shopping malls and choose presents for the birthday girl/boy. I love preparing presents for my family and friends. I truly enjoy the process of choosing the presents, hand-wrapping them in nice gift paper and finally, send the present to the person, with a handwritten card attached. The entire process is incredibly satisfying and therapeutic. However, preparing gifts can be stressful sometime, especially when you don't know what to get for the person. I still remember how I struggled in choosing the right present for Million Mar's daughter in conjunction with her 1st birthday celebration. I just don't know what to get! To be honest, I get tremendously stressful when I get the invitation to attend baby shower or baby's birthday celebration, I seriously don't know what to buy for the babies! Excuse my ignorance, I don't have much contact with babies and I feel like a total idiot whenever I am browsing through babies' products and merchandise. Imagine the awkward moment when the dress/shoes you buy for the baby is too big or too small, that somehow shows that the gifter is insincere when I am actually not. At the age of 26, many of my friends had said their vows at church and I can foresee that I will need to go through more gifting struggle in near future. I was googling for some personalized gifts for baby shower the other day and I bumped into a really awesome website that provide all sorts of personalized gifts for baby shower, everything is super cute and unique!

Gift Less Ordinary is a one-stop gifting website that focus on personalized gifting solutions and they searched far and wide for the very best products and brands to provide to the customers. They are actually a marketplace for different shops, so the products you purchase are sent directly from their wonderful Global Partners. It may be that you have ordered a number of goods from multiple partners so the delivery time for each product will vary depending upon location, item and whether personalisation is required. All delivery times are clearly displayed on the partner’s product page. 

When I'm doing online shopping, I'm worried that the shipping fee will too costly. Therefore, I'm really happy to know that Gift Less Ordinary provides FREE shipping to all Singapore addresses, yeay I love free shipping! Whether you order from one or multiple partners, shipping is always included in the price displayed, so the price you see is the price you pay. This price also covers any import charges, so you never need to worry about additional fees upon delivery, how awesome is this!

The personalized baby shower gifts available on Gift Less Ordinary is seriously one of a kind, I have never seen something similar from elsewhere before. Look at this super duper wuper cute baby's slip on! Feel like adding a special touch to personalize the gift? Gift Less Ordinary can add 3 initial to your order in their workshop, for free!

If I were the baby, I will be super excited to receive this personalized set with my name embroidered on all of the items. Don't you think this set is really sweet and thoughtful? I wish they have the adult's version too so that I can get one for myself haha! Thumbs up to Gift Less Ordinary

Have you ever encountered the struggle of choosing gifts for baby shower before? If yes, you should really check Gift Less Ordinary out, I can assure you that you can definitely get a nice and unique gift there. 

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