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Unboxing & Review: Althea Total Brightening Box

My life is full of dilemma. I hate-hate-hate sunlight but I work under the sunlight, how ironic is this. #engineerlife When I say that I work under the sunlight, I mean I’m literally working at roof top and job site without shelter from 8am to 6pm (or even later!). I’m just another typical Chinese girl who sets fair and bright skin as ultimate life goal. I’m not being racist, I just like my skin to be fair that’s all. As fair as I seem to be, this doesn’t come easy and cheap, I put in a lot of efforts in skin care to make myself looks good. Therefore, I literally jumped from my seat when Althea launched Total Brightening Box, this is what I have been waiting for! If you don’t already know, Althea surprises their fans with curated beauty boxes every fortnight. They're selling like hot cakes so you need to be really fast to secure your order.

Althea Total Brightening Box that brightens both my day and complexion! It consists of 7 full-size beauty products that cover both skin care and make up product, they want you to glow inside out! The 7 products included are: 

  1. Lebaton Whitening Pearl Mask Pack 
  2. Chica-Y-Chico Skin Texture Toner
  3. Milkydress Wrinkle and Whitening Eye Cream
  4. REAL SKIN One Shot Ample_White Jade
  5. Skinfood Pore Fit Pure Skin Primer
  6. Apieu Air Fit Cushion Bboyan (Apricot shade)
  7. The Saem Saemmul Single Blusher (Gold)

What excites me even more is this limited edition Raya box! I thought my order is too early to be packed in Raya box but apparently I was lucky enough to get this pretty light olive box. Now I have a whole collection of the normal pink Althea box, blue Christmas box, red CNY box and now, a green Raya box. Did I miss out any of the boxes? Anyway, I'm going to review each of the products in Althea Total Brightening Box, scroll down and keep reading!

Lebaton Whitening Pearl Mask Pack

I'm an avid mask lover and I have been using sheet mask since I was 20. #yesIamthisvain I have tried sheet mask from countless brands and I finally come to a stage that I know what type of sheet mask suits me the best. First of all, it must fit my face contour nicely because air bubbles under the sheet mask means isolation between the mask and your skin. Your skin is not going to absorb any single drop of the serum or essence if the mask doesn't adhere to your skin tightly. And I'm glad to share that Lebaton Whitening Pearl Mask Pack fits my face contour seamlessly and it's thin enough to adhere to my skin without creating a lot of air bubbles underneath. The soft yet elastic sheet mask is made from 100% cotton material, no wonder it feels so different from the other sheet mask. The natural cotton sheet manages to deliver active ingredients deep down to my skin cells without causing irritation and discomfort. 

Containing pearl extractLebaton Whitening Pearl Mask Pack targets to brighten up dull and tired skin for a firm and radiant look. However, I find the mask essence a little too rich for my skin type. Undoubtedly, it left my skin fully boosted with hydration but my skin did feel a bit oily after using the mask. I will recommend Lebaton Whitening Pearl Mask Pack to people with dry skin, I can imagine how the mask will pamper the dry and thirsty skin with moisturization and hydration.

Chica-Y-Chico Skin Texture Toner 

I have heard all the good reviews about Chica-Y-Chico Skin Texture Toner and I finally get the chance to try it out myself. As its name suggests, the toner claims to improve your skin texture by removing dead skin cells and impurities. The toner will give a "soft exfoliation" to your skin and hence, resulting in a brighter complexion. You can read more about the product ingredients from here

I'm always captivated by cute and fancy packaging but I'm somehow being drawn to the simple yet sleek packaging of Chica-Y-Chico Skin Texture Toner. Is this the sign of aging? Hahaha! I especially love the press-cap lid which makes the toner dispensing a lot easier and cleaner. 

The toner is very watery so it could be messy if you apply the toner directly to your skin. It is recommended to use the toner with a cotton pad for a more effective soft exfoliation. I have been using the toner for a week but I have not noticed any significant change in my skin complexion. It could be due to my weekly exfoliation routine which helps to remove dead skin cells regularly so in all fairness, I don't have very dull and rough skin at the moment I try the toner out. Well at least not for now. Despite of not having serious dull skin problem now, I will continue to use Chica-Y-Chico Skin Texture Toner in order to maintain a bright skin complexion. 

Milkydress Wrinkle and Whitening Eye Cream

I'm very sad to admit that I noticed some significant fine lines under my eyes. I was truly traumatized when I spotted some wrinkle-alike lines (oh yes they're going to become wrinkles soon I know) under my eyes, I'm just 26! As early at the age of 22, I realized the importance of protecting skin around eyes because this is the most delicate and vulnerable region on our face. I apply eye cream day and night and I still get fine lines now, imagine what will I get if I never take these precaution steps earlier? Probably a five staff lines. I'm proud that I take care of my eye areas, but I'm ashamed that I did not take good care of it from all aspects. Fine lines wise, I think I did quite a good job, but I missed out the dark eye circles part. Don't ask me why, the idea of getting rid of my dark eye circles just never appears in my mind. What I always do is to cover the dark eye circles using concealer. I should do something to treat the dark eye circles instead of hiding it away from sight. Thanks to Althea Total Brightening Box, I own my very first Milkydress Wrinkle and Whitening Eye Cream, which targets on eye area brightening. 

In contrast to all the rich and oily eye creams commonly seen in the market, Milkydress Wrinkle and Whitening Eye Cream is a lightweight gel eye cream. I was a little doubtful on its effectiveness on moisturizing my under eyes area but apparently I worried too much. Despite being lightweight, the eye cream keeps my under eye area well hydrated throughout the day. 

Containing mistletoe extract and damask rose extract, the eye cream gives a gentle floral scent. The product claims to be able to brighten eye areas but the results are not immediate. My dark eye circles are stubborn enough and I think it's going to be a long battle to fight against them. I will continue to use the eye cream and will report again if my dark eye circles are eliminated one day! 

REAL SKIN One Shot Ample_White Jade

Aha! Another beauty product in syringe! I own an eye cream in syringe and now, an ampoule in syringe! REAL SKIN One Shot Ample_White Jade consists of Glutathione, a component that makes clear and translucent skin. The ample is specially formulated that it is suitable for all skin types. 

REAL SKIN One Shot Ample_White Jade

Is it me being too outdated? I never know that ample/ampoule can come in the form of cream! I like to give my face a good massage after applying ampoule to make sure that all the goodness can be absorbed by my skin instead of sitting on top of the epidermal layer, my ampoule is expensive and I don't want to waste any single drop of it. After massaging, I would say 90% of the ampoule has been absorbed that my skin feels fresh and supple. Sorry for my poor ability to express my good experience in words. Do you know that kind of feeling that your skin surface is originally coated with a layer of product, and after 5-10 minutes, the surface feels fresh and clean, which means the product has been absorbed by the skin. This is what I experienced with REAL SKIN One Shot Ample_White Jade. Since I have just started to use the ampoule for 1 week, I have not seen a big difference on my complexion. Nevertheless, I personally love the ampoule for its high absorbility

Skinfood Pore Fit Pure Skin Primer

Skinfood Pore Fit Pure Skin Primer

Skinfood Pore Fit Pure Skin Primer

Smell like berries and touch like velvet, I don't expect a lot from Skinfood Pore Fit Pure Skin Primer and surprisingly, this is the product that I like the second most from Althea Total Brightening Box. First of all, the primer smells super good and the scent is not artificial at all. Besides brightening my skin up, it brightens my mood because I really love how the natural light scent of berries lingers on my skin after I put the primer on. It feels quite oily and waxy when I glide my fingers on the primer pan, and I was worried that the primer will be too greasy for my T-zone. To my horror, it left an oily film on my skin after application. I was like "how am I going to put on the rest of the make up on top of this greasy skin surface? It's going to clog my pore!" After 3 minutes. Plot twist. The oily film oxidized and left behind a velvety and matte finish on my skin. It was so nice to touch on the dry, and fresh skin surface, it feels like I just come out from shower. Amazing, really amazing. I don't know how the magic works, but it works. The primer evened out my pores, giving an illusion that I have porcelain and flawless skin. The matte surface also allows my make up to stay longer, I don't even need to touch up at the afternoon. Primer is the best creation on Earth! 

It's not very obvious from the photo but the primer did leave a shimmery finish on my skin. Try it, I strongly recommend Skinfood Pore Fit Pure Skin Primer, especially for those who have oily T-zone. 

Apieu Air Fit Cushion Bboyan (Apricot shade)

Introducing my favourite product from the box, Apieu Air Fit Cushion Bboyan in Apricot shade! Ahhh the hologram cushion casing is incredibly beautiful and eye-captivating! Madly in love with the casing!

Apieu Air Fit Cushion Bboyan (Apricot shade)

Apieu Air Fit Cushion Bboyan (Apricot shade)
Apieu Air Fit Cushion Bboyan (Apricot shade)
Apieu Air Fit Cushion Bboyan (Apricot shade)

The cushion puff is seriously one of a kind. The conventional cushion puff feels rubbery so that it can minimize the absorption of product by the puff but this blue cushion puff feels velvety and it is very soft on touch. The best part is that the product on sit on top of the puff, minimal product wastage! I love the pinkish apricot shade because pink-tone cushion can make me look more radiant and energetic. I'm going to review Apieu Air Fit Cushion Bboyan and The Saem Saemmul Single Blusher together at one go, so read on.

The Saem Saemmul Single Blusher (Gold)

I thought this is a highlighter at my first sight but it is actually a gold blusher. Wow a gold blusher, it's going to turn me into a superstar! The Saem Saemmul Single Blusher is a very basic blusher that does not come with brush or puff. The colour payoff is pretty awesome and I wonder how it would look like on my face. 

Here is my tired and dull looking bare face with no make up on. 
Oh I gotta admit that I age a lot. I look really dull and listless without make up now.

After putting on Apieu Air Fit Cushion Bboyan &The Saem Saemmul Single Blusher 

After putting on Apieu Air Fit Cushion Bboyan &The Saem Saemmul Single Blusher 

After putting on Apieu Air Fit Cushion Bboyan &The Saem Saemmul Single Blusher 

Apieu Air Fit Cushion Bboyan is such a gem! The apricot shade matches my skin tone seamlessly. I'm happy that I don't look spooky and vampiry after using the cushion. (You know, some of the bb cushion is too fair for me and I can only use them for Halloween) Not only it brightens my complexion, it also makes me to look healthier and more radiant. Instead of leaving a dewy finish, Apieu Air Fit Cushion Bboyan leaves a semi-matte finish, which is just perfect for my combination skin type. The coverage of the cushion is medium. It can cover my minor imperfection but it couldn't hide my dark eye circle. However, a medium coverage cushion is enough for me. On the other side, the colour of The Saem Saemmul Single Blusher is sheer on my cheek, giving me a natural healthy glow, I love it! It can be used as a highlighter as well, it's a multipurpose blusher I would say. 

In a nutshell, I'm happy with the contents of Althea Total Brightening Box. I'm addicted to Althea beauty box because it exposes me to more beauty products at an affordable price. I can always find my new favourite from every Althea beauty box! If you have not tried any Althea beauty box, you should really get yourself one! Subscribe to their Facebook fanpage and newsletter so that you won't miss out their limited deals!

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