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3 Tips to Travel to Singapore at Minimum Cost

With all the low cost airlines springing up like mushrooms after the rain, travelling to other countries has become unprecedentedly easy and convenient. As an individual who loves to explore to new places and meet new people, I travel to different country every year. Some people prefer to travel in a fine and luxury way, but I would rather to experience a country in backpacker way. The reason is very simple, that will expose me to more exciting experiences and of course, meeting friends from all walks of life. I truly enjoy planning my itinerary as this process will enrich my knowledge and understanding on the country's history and its culture. However, the dilemma on deciding which airline to take and which hotel to stay is the last thing that I want to do while planning my trip, it's such a headache! I want something cheap and good and in order to get a value-for-money flight and hotel room, I will need to carry out a massive amount of research. Not mentioning the efforts that I have to pour in while making pricing comparison and reading all the reviews from other travelers. After so many years in planning travelling itinerary, I realize that there are actually some tips/hacks that most of us might not be aware of! I'm going to share these tips with you guys so read on!

Flight Booking

Imagine that you're travelling to Singapore soon, what would be the first step in planning the itinerary? FLIGHT. My planning always starts from getting a cheap flight on my preferred travelling date. Instead of navigating between different airline's websites and comparing the prices, I always search for the best deal from Traveloka. All I need to do is to key in my flight destination and date of flight and Traveloka will show me all the available flights from different airlines, ranging from the premium Singapore Airlines to the affordable Air Asia. 

Accommodation Booking

After I make my flight booking, I will proceed to accommodation planning. Basically I don't have much requirements on accommodation. All I need is a clean, cozy and comfortable room to rest after a whole day out. There are a plenty of Singapore hotels and to be honest, I don't even know where should I start from! It's going to be very time consuming to check the room rate from each hotel's website and I'm sure nobody would have the luxury time to do that. Therefore, I will use Traveloka to check the rate of Singapore hotels. From there, I will compile a list of decent hotels that are within my budget and discuss with my travel mates before making the final decision. Lastly, I will book the hotel from Traveloka because there is no hidden charges when you book hotel from Traveloka. What you see is what you pay! 

Commuting in Singapore

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Taking cab can be expensive in Singapore so I will suggest travelers to use MRT (train) and buses. The public transport in Singapore is punctual and convenient so why don't fully utilize their well planned system? You can always find MRT station and bus station at most of the tourist attractions. Directions to different destination are clearly stated at bus station or MRT platform so you can hardly lost your way when taking public transport in Singapore.

Do you have any travelling tips to share? Let me know if you have some!


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