Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Customizable Beauty Box

      Yeah you heard me right, customizable beauty box is in the town! Personally I love the surprise of receiving beauty box, because the excitement of unboxing a beauty box is exactly the same as unboxing a Christmas present! However, sometime it can be disappointing to unbox a beauty box as well, since the products given might not be suitable to my skin condition. But no worry! Vanity Trove is creative enough the come out with the idea of Customizable Beauty Box! Let's see how it works! 

Step 1: You have to fill in the beauty profile so that the beauty consultant of Vanity Trove knows what products are suitable for you! Head on to: http://bit.ly/14HBVQs. You will be prompted to fill up your Beauty Profile by answering a few simple questions!

Next, want to be the first to try out products you have been lemming for so long? Add them to Wishlist, Like the Brand and the Product. This helps to unlock more samples for you, you will then be able to pick these samples when they are released! Also, don't forget the tell them more in depth of what you feel about all the products you have used by Adding them to your Beauty Table and Write a Review. 

Then, VanityTrove will recommend the products BEST SUITED for you based on your Beauty Profile and Preferences. You are then able to PICK AND CHOOSE your beauty samples from a wide array of beauty samples selection to go into your PERSONALISED trove. Tada! That's all! You will then receive this exciting trove of self-picked goodness within 7 working days.Sounds so pampered right? Choosing what is best for your body and get them all in one box!! WooHoo it's so tempting for me to try one!

Oh ya! VanityTrove will be introducing new phase of beauty discovery whereby you will be plugged into the latest happenings of people you follow on VanityTrove. Read up on their latest reviews, brand likes and product likes, products they wish for. Be sure to also follow people of your interest to know what is up with their beauty regime! It will be just like Facebook but for Beauty.Wow it's like a beauty version Facebook! Great for beauty lover hehehe!

So what are you waiting for? Faster hop to www.vanitytrove.com/my to explore more on this special service by Vanity Trove! 

P/S: Arghhhh this is really irresistible! 


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