Friday, 26 July 2013

Fashion Post

I know I have neglected my blog T.T Sorry for not updating frequently but I'm really super busy recently!! Tearing myself apart between research laboratory works and exploring Taiwan! Life is busy yet I love it!! Let's see how I dress up in Taiwan! Summer Fashion on the go! 

Comfy Airport Fashion

Casual Laboratory Look haha!! Cannot be too fashionable in the laboratory since safety always come first!

Summer Easy-to-wash look
I'm wearing lots of chiffon here because they dry up really fast! (Lazy people are forever lazy, no matter where they are LOL!)

Summer Fashion, with slight touch of Christmas feel LOL!

Rocking Taiwan in my own way!

Okay that's all for today. I'm really sorry for the inactive update, but Chemical Engineering is more important than anything to me now.

Study hard and play hard.



  1. so many different style. i like the green dress!

    1. Thanks Her Yuan! I got the green dress from Korea and I love it too! :D


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