Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Show Off Your True Colors with Maybelline!

         If one can be described by a colour, what colour would you be? I think I would be a colourful one haha! (I'm too greedy I know!) Personally, I love colourful stuffs, ranging from fashion to my stationery, I will subconsciously go for the colourful one and I just can't help. When Maybelline New York came out with their latest range of makeup colors inspired by fashion, namely Maybelline New York Color Show, I couldn't help but to think that this range is literally made for me! 

Maybelline New York Color Show

Color Show is a collection of the hottest fashion colors in convenient and advanced formulas in hot colors to brilliant must-have pieces. Consisting of 20 shades of nail colors, 16 shades of lipsticks and 6 shades of liners, Color Show is your customised makeup wardrobe to create the looks you love on the catwalks of New York Fashion Week.

Color Show Lip Colour
RM 17.90 each

A range of the hottest and fashionable lip colors that range from reds to pinks. With colors inspired straight from the fashion shows, Color Show Lip Color offers brilliance and boldness in just one swipe. And and and and and you know what? These pretty lipsticks are scented! Its fragrance is a pampering indulgence each time you apply it on your lips OMG! I can't stop myself from sniffing at them, they just smell too good! Maybe you can throw away your expensive fragrances and switch to these lipsticks hehe! 

Color Show Lip Color is available in the following hues: 

Nude Attitude  
301 True Toffee, 303 Coral Culture, 305 Nude Mocha, 306 Cream Caramel, 308 Orange Ion

Priority Pink
101 Pink Avenue, 102 Pink Punch, 104 Pink Please, 105 Pinkalicious, 108 As, 108 Party Pink

Red Tower
202 Red My Lips, 203 Cherry on Top, 205 Red Siren

Plum Taste
401 Sweet Orchid and 402 Plum-tastic

Color Show Liner
RM 17.90
This is my favourite of the latest range, colourful eyeliner woohoo! Look at the vibrant colours! My heart skipped a beat when I saw orange and turquoise, these are just made for me! I always want a quirky and edgy colored lined eyes and now, I can have it at my fingertips with Color Show Liner’s stunning range of smudge-free colors. Available in bold runway shades like turquoise, tangerine and metallic gray, Color Show Liner goes on in one smooth sweep to create a fashionable effect that is hot on the runways. There are 6 shades of liners and frankly speaking, I LOVE ALL OF THEM! And the best part is that they are very pocket friendly at a retail price of RM 17.90 only! Where to get such a good deal? 

Don't think that you can't get good stuffs at a cheap price, look at the eyeliners! The colours are so vivid and vibrant! I'm totally in love with them, so eye-captivating and fashionable yeah! 

Get your Color Show Liner in these colours: 01 Spicy Orange, 02 Light PCK Green, 03 Ocean Blue, 04 Shiny Beige, 06 Noble Purple and 07 Inca Gold.

Colour Show Nail Lacquer
RM 9.90

I literally went crazy when I spotted these colourful babies! 20 of them in total and when I was informed that each of them is sold at a ridiculously cheap price of RM 9.90, I swore to myself that I must bring them home! It's a crime for not buying them home omg! 

20 Shades of the Colour Show Nial Lacquer
Go color crazy with these Color Show Nail Lacquer Shades: Berry Sexy, Keep Up the Flame, Pinkalicious, Coral Craze, Downtown Red, Hooked on Pink, Bold Gold, Silver Linings, Blackout, Porcelaine Party, Denim Dash, Pink Voltage, Shocking Seas, Black-currant Pop, Orange Fix, Tenacious Teal, Wine and Dines, Crazy Berry Mint Mojito and Tangerine Treat.

Do you know that Color Show Nails is Maybelline's very first breathable nail color? Its formula allows oxygen and air to penetrate the nails, keeping them in the most natural state. Don't believe in me? Let's carry out a simple experiment hehe~

A layer of the nail lacquer was applied on a coffee filter and it was left aside for 3 minutes.
(OMG this sentence made me reminiscent of the report-writing days! Scary way!)

After that, a drop of water was dripped on top of the dried nail lacquer. The water was supposed to pass through the dried nail lacquer but ours was a failed experiment. Obviously we applied too many layers of nail lacquer where we were supposed to apply only one layer hahaha~

After the experiment session, we were asked to squeeze our brain juice to design nail art using the Color Show Nails. Everyone is really talented! 

My design hahaha~
Used some tissue to create the special texture and the nail looks so vulnerable to water lolllll. 

Can you see the special texture?

The girls were working hard on the nails hehe~

Aiyo Edlyn why are you so cute?

Maybelline New York Color Show Lip Color and Color Show Liner are available at selected pharmacy, hypermarkets and supermarkets. Color Show Nail Lacquer is available at selected Watsons and selected Guardian stores only. If you wish to buy the products, you can always drop a message to the Maybelline Malaysia Facebook page and the friendly admin will tell you where you can get the products ^^ 

This is the very first time for Maybelline to have such an awesome event in JB and we truly enjoyed it. Hopefully Maybelline can come down more often! I hope you girls (and guys, who knows!) love these products as much as I do! Till we see again! 

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  1. You are cute too. I like your eye make up

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Carinn!!! I love your "eye" nail art too *wink wink*

  3. Their lipstick so affordable! :O Gonna get one for myself!

    xx Mandy

    1. Hello Mandy,

      I know right! Their products are really pocket-friendly! :)


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