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Sexylook Coffee Bean Black Head Pore Cleanser Set & Superior Brightening Black Mask (with Neck) from

Hello girls and boys! Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I'm sure that everyone of you is busy with your new year shopping, so do I! Chinese New Year is an important festival to all Chineses and for me, I'm going to meet all the relatives and friends during CNY. Therefore, I have to make sure that I look good hahaha! (Nobody wants to look ugly in front of relatives and friends okayyyy, especially when you're meeting them only once in a year!) I had a shopping spree with and let's see how am I going to make myself to look even more flawless, opps, I mean, to look better during this CNY! 

Sexylook Coffee Bean Black Head Pore Cleanser Set
RM 29

The very first step for one to look flawless is to clear all your clogged pores! And all you need is an effective pore cleanser set, something like Sexylook Coffee Bean Black Head Pore Cleanser Set.
Sexylook Coffee Bean Black Head Pore Cleanser Set
RM 29

Sexylook Coffee Bean Black Head Pore Cleanser Set consists of 3 products, which are Sebum Softener, Black Heads Remover and Shrink Toner respectively. Personally I really love this handy Sexylook Coffee Bean Black Head Pore Cleanser Set because it's super easy to use and most importantly, it really works! Let me show you how it worked on me, like magic I tell you! 

Step 1: Soften and Open Pores Using Sebum Softener

First and foremost, we need to soften and open our clogged pores so that the dirt and blackheads can be removed more easily and thoroughly in the subsequent step. Apply the Sebum Softener on your T zone and give it a good massage for a better result.

Step 2: Removing Black Heads Using Black Heads Remover
That's how the Black Heads Remover looks like, it's black in colour yo! It feels quite thick on my hand but don't worry, it can be spread out very easily on the skin. At this stage, apply a generous amount of the Black Heads Remover on your T zone, don't be stingy! Make sure that you cover all your pores on the T zone with a thick layer of the black liquid, like what I did below:

Be generous with your Black Heads Remover ya!

The black liquid will dry up in 15-20 minutes and when it gets completely dried up, you can peel it off your skin. Remember to peel if off in an upward action, that means you should start peeling the black thingy from the bottom part and pull it upwards. I still remember vividly how painful and torturing it was when I was using Kose Mask White so I thought Sexylook Coffee Bean Black Head Remover will hurt too but surprisingly, it didn't!  

I know it looks gross and super disgusting but I really want to show you how good it is in removing my black heads. Can you see the colony of tiny black heads (on the left side)? Super effective I tell you! And the best part is that it's not painful at all. 

Step 3: Tone Using Shrink Toner
Last but not least, it's time to give your pores some cares and pampers. After removing the black heads from your clogged pores, apply an adequate amount of Shrink Toner on your T zone. This step is particularly important to prevent large pores since the toner can help to minimize the pores. 

 Tada! Cleaner and smaller pores for Chinese New Year wheeee! 

Sexylook Superior Mask
RM 3.84 Each
Everyone wants a clear, bright and radiant skin to welcome Chinese New Year, am I right? Why not trying out Sexylook Superior Mask? I lose count on the type and brand of mask that I have ever tried. I'm not saying that I'm a pro when it comes to mask but I'm definitely somewhere near to expert hahaha~ Sexylook Superior Mask is really something special because it is a black sheet mask!

Different colours stand for different functions and there are three types of Black Masks available,

which are Brightening, Hydrating and Moisturizing respectively. 
I tried a sheet of Brightening Mask and it was so good I tell you!

Very special right? The mask sheet is all black in colour! You might think that the mask sheet contains charcoal but the fact is, it contains obsidian! It's all about luxury oh my! For your information, Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock. It is produced when felsic lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly with minimum crystal growth. It contains traces of minerals such as sodium, iron, iodine, silicons and etc and these minerals are going to make your skin to shine from inside out. Furthermore, obsidian has a similar pH value to our skin and thus, all the nutrients and goodness can be directed down deep to the skin very efficiently.

Another special feature of Sexylook Superior Mask, it comes with a neck mask too! I love thissss! Our skin at neck's vicinity is really delicate and tender and thus, it tends to age easily. However, many people tend to forget to take care of their neck. It's really great that Sexylook Superior Mask comes with the neck mask!

The mask sheet is really really thin, so thin that I have to handle it with care so that my long finger nails won't tear it off. Also, it fits my face very well. 

See, the mask covered my neck area completely and I can brighten my skin from forehead to the neck hehe!

Want to look pretty and awesome during this CNY too? What're you waiting for? Time to shop at! You can get whatever you need here at an affordable price!

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  1. Omg babe how did you snap the bokeh? So so nice!!

    1. Hello Carinn,

      Thank you so much!! I tell you more during the next meet up okay? :D

  2. I dont like blackhead, its my worst enemy!!

    1. Hello Sherry!

      I totally feel you! Very ugly, I hate them too!

  3. I'm wondering, do you have to wash your face / cleansing & toner / Before, or after the blackhead treatment?

    1. Hello Veronica!

      I washed my face before the blackhead treatment. After the blackhead treatment, I applied the shrink toner (that comes with the set), followed by my regular skin care routine including moisturizer, sunblock and etc. Hope that I clear you queries ^^


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