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Pigmentation Goes Away! Duo Medical Laser & Dual Yellow Laser with My Skin Gym Clinic and Medical Spa @Sutera Utama

I believe that every girl has her very own skin concerns and so do I. If you are a subtle observant, then you must have noticed that I have a huge patch of pigmentation near my right eye. The pigmentation started to appear on my right eye when I was 5. I'm not really sure whether I should consider it as a patch of birthmark or just pigmentation. Anyway I will take it as pigmentation since I wasn't born with it so it shouldn't be called a birthmark right? I thought the pigmentation will slowly fade away as I grow up but sadly, it spreads as I age. I take the pigmentation as a part of me, I don't conceal it because it's not really obvious especially when I have my specs on. However, I do wish that I could get rid of it one day. Now let me show you a clear picture of my pigmentation, sit steadily and don't fall from your chair! 

It's a HUGE patch of it as I said. Laser treatment is something that I always want to try out but I'm not sure which clinic is safe and reliable, till the day I met My Skin Gym Clinic and Medical Spa. I always want to get rid of the pigmentation but I'm worried about the safety since the pigmentation is at the vicinity of my right eye. Thank god that I consulted Dr Ding from My Skin Gym Clinic and Medical Spa, he is really professional and he reassured that the laser treatment will be very safe and have no side effects to my eyes. In addition, I'm very confident with the team of fully trained and certified doctors from Singapore in My Skin Gym Clinic and Medical Spa. Therefore, I decided to carry out the pigmentation removal treatment at My Skin Gym Clinic and Medical SpaMy Skin Gym Clinic and Medical Spa is a one-stop center that can fulfill all your aesthetic needs including

  • Signature Skin Rejuvenation Treatment 
  • Skin Lifting Treatment
  • Anti-Pigmentation Treatment
  • Skin Whitening Treatment 
  • Anti Wrinkle Treatment
  • Acne Care Treatment
  • Korean Style Threadlift
  • Korean V Shaped Face
  • Nose Augmentation
Name it and they have it!

My Skin Gym Clinic and Medical Spa can be located very easily, it is just right opposite to Moonlight Cafe Sutera Utama, you're not going to miss it out!

Upon arrival, I was welcomed by a friendly lady and was escorted to a consultation room. One plus point for My Skin Gym is that all of the staffs there are super helpful and friendly, they talked to me as if we are friends! Really like their services ^^ So Dr Ding checked on my skin condition and we discussed on the laser treatments that we are going to carry out. The consultation process is very relaxing and don't be afraid to raise up all your queries and objections to Dr Ding, Dr Ding is very professional and he will provide suggestions accordingly. As I mentioned in my previous posts, I'm currently facing the most serious ever pimples outbreak in my life. I have no idea on the reason behind of the outbreak and I'm very inexperienced in handling acne problem. Oh ya, not forgetting my dreadful dark eye circles! It can be lightened and reduced by using Dual Yellow Laser. Combining my pigmentation, dark eye circles and acne problem, Dr Ding decided to solve my skin concerns by using Duo Medical Laser & Dual Yellow Laser. Since my pigmentation problem is quite serious, I was told that several treatment sessions are required to fade the pigmentation. I was really happy to hear that! At least there is a hope for my pigmentation! Like finally! *teary eyes*

Duo Medical Laser is a combination of 2 different lasers to target different layers of the skin. Basically, it can rejuvenate your skin and solve various skin concerns including melasma, PIH, acne, nevus, lentigo, freckles, Seborrheic Keratosis, large pores and wrinkles. I started the treatment with Duo Medical Laser and followed by Dual Yellow Laser. 

These are the equipment involved in Duo Medical Laser.

Dr. Ding was working the magic on my face! As can be seen from the photo above, my eyes were securely protected by eye masks (is that called eye masks? I have no idea lol!). Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that the whole procedure is very safe that you don't even need to worry a thing. 

Can you spot the red dot on my face? That's the magical laser! Since every person have different pain threshold, Dr Ding let me to feel the laser of different levels to see whether I can tolerate the pain. I'm not sure whether my skin is too thick or what (authentic thick-skinned girl hahaha), I didn't really feel painful throughout the process. The laser gave me an itchy and tingling sensation and I'm comfortable with it. I can feel the tingling sensation as Dr Ding moved the laser around my face. The sensation is especially strong whenever the laser moves to my acne zone and Dr Ding said it's perfectly normal. 

Dr Ding focused the laser treatment at my pigmentation area intensively.

The immediate result right after the Dual Medical Laser treatment. My skin was instantly brightened and it was glowing healthily! It really amazed me because I didn't expect that the brightening effect to be this significant. You have to know that there's literally nothing on my face, not even any skin care! Okay let's proceed to the next step now, Dual Yellow Laser treatment.

Here is the equipment involved. Do you know that Dual Yellow Laser is a copper bromide laser that helps to reduce acne, melasma, redness and sensitivity? The yellow light from the gentle laser will destroy acne bacteria, thus eradicating active acne. At the same time, the laser can promote collagen growth, reduce skin redness and alleviate sensitive skin. The treatment will eventually produce a smoother, clearer and more even-toned complexion. 

OMG how come I have purple lips here @@ I look like a corpse hahaha! My face was applied with a layer of gel before the Dual Yellow Laser treatment was started, and my eyes were once again be protected by the eye masks. 

The yellow laser is really bright! This treatment gave me a slight tingling sensation as well, which I personally very comfortable with. The laser was very bright to me initially but after a few seconds, my eyes adapted to the brightness and everything was very okay afterwards so don't worry about the brightness.

Again, Dr Ding focused the laser at my pigmentation area for better result.

The overall treatment (both Duo Medical Laser & Dual Yellow Laser, plus the consultation session) took me around 1 hour and 30 minutes. After completing the session, the lady applied some skin care products on my face before I left My Skin Gym Clinic and Medical Spa. They have their own product range too yo! 

Results and Outcomes

Before we proceed to the results and outcomes, let me briefly explain to you on how the pigmentation removal process works. The laser treatment will break down melanin and the melanin debris will be absorbed by the body naturally. Therefore, the pigmentation will not be lightened instantly after the laser treatment oh~ 

Before Duo Medical Laser & Dual Yellow Laser Treatment

5 Days After the Treatment

7 Days After the Treatment

10 Days After the Treatment

14 Days After the Treatment

Look at the acne colony on my forehead, it's getting better and better as days pass! You can see that my skin becomes brighter too. It's not very obvious in the photos but my pores are very much refined after the treatment, which in turn giving me a smoother skin. The pigmentation is still there but it is lightened by a little, and I can't wait to proceed with more treatment to fade it away. I'm going to continue the treatment and hopefully I can lighten my pigmentation after the whole session. Stay tuned for my follow up to My Skin Gym yo! 

Interested in trying out the treatment? Here is your great chance! You can now enjoy the Duo Laser Treatment worth RM 1000 at a ridiculously low price of RM 29! RM 29 is crazily cheap okay! What are you waiting for? Pay a visit to My Skin Gym Clinic and Medical Spa and claim your offer! 

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