Thursday, 15 October 2015

Food Republique @ Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru

My recent days are really hectic and busy that I'm constantly occupied with different tasks and works. Having a splendid and scrumptious dinner is definitely the best way to reward myself after a long day. After all, we're working hard for pennies so that we can buy good food to feed ourselves, don't you agree? There're so many hidden gems in Johor Bahru, may it be talented people, breathtakingly beautiful places and of course, good restaurants. Quietly sitting at Jalan Kuning, Food Republique is another hidden gem that I newly discovered at Johor Bahru downtown area. 

Serving authentic western cuisine in an old school way, Food Republique is a great place for family and group of friends to dine in. I love the simple and cozy interior design - it feels like home, so comfortable that I can spend hours with my loved ones here. By the way, did I mention that the owner of Food Republique, Ben is an avid Hollywood movie lover? Come, let me show you all his proud collection of the movie merchandises! 

Oh my god look! So many Marvel superheros are here!

Oh dear my heart literally skipped a beat when I saw this, Nimbus 2000 that Harry Potter rode! 
His first ever broom in Hogwarts! Ahhh my Harry Potter, I need to reread the series when I'm free!

Italian Bruschetta Appetizer
RM 8.90

We started our dinner with Italian Bruschetta, one of my favourite appetizer. Slices of baguette toasted to perfect crispiness are topped with tomato dices, a very traditional bruschetta that you will definitely love it. This is so refreshing and appetizing, and it's ridiculously cheap at RM 8.90 for 6 slices! 

Fried Polenta
RM 10.90

Polenta, a Central European dish made by boiling cornmeal into a thick paste and have the paste balls fried. I have never tried polenta before and I fell in love with this traditional Italian snack at the very first bite, it was so good! I'm a huge fans of starchy food and my taste buds get hooked to this yummy starchy snack after my first try. The polenta is crunchy outside and moist inside, what a contradictory yet complementary combination that I get addicted to. Meanwhile, I really like the homemade chili sauce very much, the polenta went so well with it.  

Pan-Fried Milk Fish
RM 25.90

I'm not a fans of milkfish but this is pretty good. Although it's pan fried but it's not oily at all. In addition, I can totally taste all the efforts that Chef Ben put in in preparing the dishes, even the side dishes like mashed potato are all homemade. 

Texas Honey Glazed Beef Burger
RM 24.90

Food Republique claimed that they serve the best burger in the town so how could I miss it? Honey glazed beef patty was covered underneath a thick layer of melted cheese, it's so mouthwatering! The beef patty was juicy inside and it tasted very meaty, a must-order for beef lover! 

Beef Bacon Ala' Carbonara Pasta
(Off Menu)

This is the best dish of the night and you really should order this if you happen to dine in Food Republique, probably the best Carbonara Linguine that I have ever tried in Johor Bahru downtown. I'm not new to Carbonara and as far as I concern, most of the Carbonara that you can get from the typical cafes are more to the watery type, something similar to mushroom soup. The Carbonara served here is those creamy and thick type, that's how a good Carbonara supposed to be! I used to find Carbonara sauce very jelak but this really changed my perception on Carbonara, it just couldn't be better. Save your effort on searching this Carbonara from their menu because this is a secret dish that is off the menu, just tell the waitress verbally that you want to order this, recommendation from Princess Neverland! 

Texas Honey Glazed Beef Back Ribs
(Off Menu)

Another dish that have my thumbs up, the ribs were so tender and succulent that the I got the meat torn apart from the bones effortlessly. I'm so in love with the honey glazed beef, the sweetness of the Texas honey glaze sauce was just right and it enhanced the flavour of the beef ribs so well.

Double Chocolate Brownies & Ice Cream
RM 11.90

Last but not least, we ended our splendid dinner with a sweet note. With a scope of vanilla ice-cream sitting on two cubes of warm chocolate brownies, the dessert left everyone of us with full stomach and satisfied taste buds. The dinner was really enjoyable and I would recommend Food Republique if you're looking for a comfy place for good western food at Johor Bahru downtown area. 

Food Republique
72, Jalan Kuning,
Taman Pelangi,
80400, Johor Bahru,

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 12pm - 10pm
Telephone: 07-331 1718


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