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Yuan Soaps Deliciously Radiant Skin Set (Mung Bean & Job's Tear | Wild Patchouli | Lemon) 阿原肥皂-白泡泡禮盒(綠豆薏仁·左手香·檸檬)

As a person suffering from minor OCD, soap is my best friend, may it be in bar form or liquid form. I tend to wash my hands very often to an extend that my hands become so dry and dull :( Commercial soaps didn't do any good to my hands other than killing all the bacteria on it and thus soothing my OCD symptoms. I have to apply hand cream day and night in order to keep my hands well hydrated and moisturized, you know, I don't want my hands to reveal my real age when I get old one day. However, I know that this is not a long term solution to my dry hands - my hands can get very dry and it cracks when I stay in air conditioned room for long hours. I need a better soap, a soap that can kill germs and at the same time, keep my skin well hydrated and moisturized. (I know what's on your mind, the root of the problem is my OCD, not the soap. To be frank, I have no intention to seek solution for my OCD, it's part of me and it made me into what I am today. So, I shall just keep it with me as long as it doesn't affect my daily life.) I have been looking for organic soaps for a very long time but I failed to get any good one from JB, there're many shops selling organic soaps with good quality in KL but not in JB. So I was really excited when I found that Natta Cosme is selling Yuan Soaps now! Today, I'm going to share my thoughts on the Deliciously Radiant Skin Set from Yuan Soaps.

我相信大家都一定有用過肥皂吧?肥皂可說是我的好朋友,由於本人患有輕微的潔癖(是的我就是有潔癖不可以嗎?),所以我每天都會用消毒肥皂把手來來回回地洗上好幾遍。日子久了就會覺得皮膚變得很干,而且還缺乏彈性,只好拼命擦護手霜來為手部保湿和滋潤。但其實這根本就是治標不治本的方法,所以我一直都在尋找質量較好的天然有機肥皂,可惜有機肥皂在新山買少見少,要找到質量好的更是件難事。當我發現Natta Cosme開始販售來自台灣的阿原肥皂時都快流淚了,以後根本不必到處去找肥皂了,坐在家裏等待Natta Cosme把包裹送到家門就好啦,太方便了!今天就和大家分享阿原肥皂的白泡泡禮盒,裏面含有綠豆薏仁、左手香和檸檬三塊肥皂。

Originated from Taiwan, Yuan Soaps is a renowned local brand in Taiwan. Yuan, the founder of Yuan Soaps faced skin problems in his middle age, which drove him to study chinese herbal medicine and learn how to make soap. Currently, Yuan Soaps own their herbs farm in YangMingShan National Park where they plant all the chinese herbs by themselves, how awesome is this! 


Yuan Soaps Deliciously Radiant Skin Set (Mung Bean & Job's Tear | Wild Patchouli | Lemon)
RM 69.00

I know this is hard to believe but all of the Yuan Soaps are 100% handmade, imagine that there's no automated machines being involved in the entire manufacturing process! Each bar of Yuan Soaps will undergo an 18 steps manufacturing process which takes a total of 45 days before it can finally be retailed to the end customers. In addition, the soaps are 100% natural, it is also free from artificial fragrance, colours and chemical additives. They don't even use chemical surfactant and paraffin to speed up the soap hardening process. Yuan Soaps insists to use natural mountain spring water from YangMingshan in the manufacturing process because it contains rare earth minerals.


Yuan Soaps Deliciously Radiant Skin Set (Mung Bean & Job's Tear | Wild Patchouli | Lemon)
RM 69.00

Deliciously Radiant Skin Set comes with 3 bars of 50g Yuan Soaps, which are Mung Bean & Job's Tear, Wild Patchouli and Lemon respectively. My whole room was suffused with a gentle and natural scent of chinese herbal upon unboxing the gift set, it smells so calming and relaxing! The herbal fragrance is very different from the artificial fragrance and I fell in love with it at my very first sniff, can't wait to use the soaps for shower! 


Yuan Soaps - Wild Patchouli

Patchouli is a bushy herbs from the mint family with great antiseptics effects. It is traditionally used to soothe and calm inflammation in addition to providing cooling effect. Thus, Patchouli Yuan Soap is excellent in relieving skin inflammation including athlete's foot and eczema. The herbal characteristics of patchouli can help to alleviate sensitive skin problems as well.


Consisting rosemary essential oil, the Patchouli soap bar smells very comforting and tranquilizing, my parents love it as much as I do! The soap bar lathers easily and it leaves my skin with a refreshing and cooling sensation. I'm glad that it didn't leave my skin dry and stiff as what most of the commercial soaps will do, it must be the moisturizing effect from the natural oils that plays the magic!


Yuan Soaps - Lemon

Rich in Vitamin C, lemon is well known for its skin brightening and whitening effects. Yuan Lemon Soap is targeted to improve one's complexion and skin conditions. It can exfoliate old cells and help to refine large pores. Meanwhile, it is beneficial in balancing sebum secretion, thus controlling your acne problem. Yuan Lemon Soap is suitable for normal to oily skin.


Yuan Soaps - Mung Bean & Job's Tear

Mung bean and Job's Tears is the most popular Yuan Soap for facial wash, the two chinese herbs work the best together for deep cleansing and brightening effect. At the same time, they can help to even out your skin tone, thus giving you a more radiant complexion. This soap can be used as a make up remover to remove your everyday makeup, this is really something new to me! I have never seen any make up remover in a soap bar form. Furthermore, cinnamon essential oil in the soap bar can help to improve blood circulation, hence allowing you to glow and shine from within.


The manufacturing date of each of the Yuan Soaps is clearly stated on the packaging. Since it does not contain any chemical preservatives, the soap has a short shelf life of 2 years, so remember not to keep them for too long after purchasing. I'm a person who has zero resistance to organic beauty products as I believe that products made from natural ingredients will do the best to my skin. I will definitely stick to Yuan Soaps after trying their Deliciously Radiant Skin Set, my family and I are so into their soaps now! I'm really grateful that Natta Cosme brought in the brand from Taiwan to Malaysia, we can enjoy the soap goodness easily now!

每塊阿原肥皂都清楚地附上生産日期和肥皂成份,讓消費者用得安心。由於不添加任何化學藥品,阿原肥皂只能保存兩年,大家買了要趕快使用才行。我本身對有機的美容產品特別鍾愛,覺得天然的成份更能有效地為肌膚增添光彩,其製作過程也能減低對環境的傷害。試過阿原肥皂的白泡泡禮盒後我還想再買其他系列來試試看,我和家人們都覺得真的很不錯呢!非常慶幸Natta Cosme把阿原肥皂引入馬來西亞,想要購買阿原肥皂的朋友可以到他們的網站選購,多種系列任君挑選。

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