Saturday, 8 February 2014

Bloop Nail Sticker- Kids

After trying out Bloop nail polish and stickers, I started to like this brand because of their high quality products yet being are so affordable! Thus, I'm so happy to find that Bloop has nail sticker for kids as well! 

Nail Sticker for kids woohoo!! Best present for my cousin hehe!

The Kids Nail sticker is quite big in size that it actually can fit my nail as well.

Hidden stickers spotted!!! How cute is this!

As I mentioned earlier, I'm giving this cute nail sticker to my cousin and she was so happy with it! Now let me show you how I put on these cute stickers on her nails so that she can celebrate Chinese New Year like a little princess^^

Before application, make sure that your nails are clean and dry.

Since my cousin has smaller nails than the nail stickers, I have to trim the sticker beforehand.

You have to be really careful when you peel the sticker off because it is very fragile, make sure that you do it slowly and patiently.
 (Adults stickers are way stronger!) 

And another tips is: Never let the kids to move!! 

My cousin was happily moving her body (and hands!!) while I was trying to stick on the stickers and this is what happened. The sticker was torn! Urghhhhh whyyyyy!!! Anyway I managed to stick on the torn sticker perfectly (like puzzling it back). So it's better to ask the kids to sit properly when sticking on the stickers to prevent stupid accidents like this. 

Nevertheless, I'm sure that all little girls will be overjoyed to receive bloop kids nail stickers! My cousin loves it so much that she told everyone about her new nails! A great present for little girls during their birthday! Tempted to try Bloop kids nail sticker out as well? Check more patterns at HiShop website! And you should sign up an account here and follow their Facebook page and Twitter also because they are having surprise giveaways randomly! *hint hint* Oh ya! Bloop is having surprise giveaways in their Facebook page as well!


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