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Don't Date Me for Movies, Date Me for A Comedy Show and I Will Have No Reason to Say No! Let's Laugh Out Loud Together at "To Know Malaysia Is To Laugh Malaysia" by Harith Iskander!


If you know me well then you will know that my laughter is no joke. I laugh a lot because I have very low tolerance for funny and hilarious things, silly jokes never fail to invoke my laughter! By the way, my apology if my scary photo above give you nightmare tonight hahaha! (Can't believe that I was sun-tanned to such a hitam manis level omgggggg)

I enjoy laughing a lot because it keeps me slim! Believe it or not, laughter is the best slimming medicine muahahaha! Forget about exercise or diet, just laugh and you can burn all the fats away! Have you ever realized that you feel so exhausted and tired after a good laugh? I always laugh so hard that I can't catch my breath and my eyes water, and I feel like I have just finished a marathon under the sun. Cannot move at all after the laughing and all I want to do is just lying on a cozy sofa. Oh ya! My abdomen muscles get super painful after a crazy laugh, as if I have just completed 1000 sit ups! (Anyone shares the same experience? Or am I the only weirdo who laugh too hard and too much?) 

No I'm not crapping. What I have mentioned above are all supported by medical studies and researches. Laughter and exercise share more in common than you think and most notably, both can boost your health, physically and mentally. Laughing can lift your mood and at the same time, it helps to boost your immune system, stabilize your blood pressure, relax your muscles, prevent heart diseases and stimulate your organs. 

I'm sure that most of us are aware of the benefits of laughing but the question is, how frequent do we laugh? The sky rocketting inflation rate, GST charge and the fresh hot price tag of RON95 have put on heavier burden on our shoulders. Depression, sadness and negativity are everywhere and we're all suffocated! Seriously, all of the Malaysians need a good laugh.

Presenting you the Godfather of Malaysian Comedy, Harith Iskander!
"Synonymous to the government’s effort of promoting brotherhood and camaraderie amongst fellow Malaysians, my vision for Malaysians is to come together for one night under one roof to display the strength of who we are and what we stand for as Malaysians - Unity, Moderation and Oneness. It’s time for Malaysians to turn DISTRESS into DE-stress,” says Harith.
So people! Get ready to laugh it up Malaysians while you come together as one nation in the most unexpected way – comedy! With so much disparity and tragedy that has befallen Malaysia this year, all of the Malaysians need to be brought together to stand united and resilient, and what better way to bring solidarity other than through true Malaysian-styled comedy and humour! In the aim to spread the “1Malaysia” spirit and in conjunction with World Mental Health Day 2014 (which is officially designated as Oct 10 annually), godfather of stand-up comedy in Malaysia, Harith Iskander, will be putting up his best performance on 29th October at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

The show aptly given the title “Harith Iskander…To know Malaysia is to LAUGH MALAYSIA!”, promises to be the biggest night of stand-up comedy in Malaysia and will also feature one of the best of the new crop of Malaysian comedian’s, Dr Jason Leong, as well as special guest Papa CJ, one of India’s most influential comedians. In addition, new talents in the Malaysian comedy scene and seasoned international comedians will also be featured in this show.

With regards to Harith's gig, the directions would be to create a atmosphere whereby people, whether plagued by normal sadness or depression, can be alleviated with being around people they cherish. By creating a positive and vibrant atmosphere filled with laughter, Harith hopes that they can be drawn away from the deepest darkest pit of depression and suicide. This show is especially relevant in light of the suicide of Robin Williams, to showcase to Malaysians the truth of what a comedian's life is all about - not only about making people happy.

With more than 22 years of experience to his name, Harith aims to bring a new and exciting edge to his performance by introducing new materials to the stage as well as some classic “best of” and with a mixture of interactive visuals and live music. I'm sure that you will laugh like nobody's business throughout the show because the topics will be a mixture of daily observations about what makes Malaysia ‘tick’ told in the indomitable and distinctive Harith Iskander style.

Do you know that percentage of profits from ticket sales will be channelled to OrphanCARE, a charitable NGO that strives to place abandoned children in homes with loving families? This is so meaningful! You can make some contribution to OrphanCARE while getting yourself a good laugh during the show so why not? Killing two birds with one stone! Moreover, it's really heart-warming to know that big hearted Malaysian corporations including Celcom First, Sime Darby Foundation, Seremban 2, MTT Priority and Pemandu have stepped up to support this event under the LAUGH MALAYSIA Umbrella. 

As a lead up to this concert Harith is presently on his first International Tour covering six countries including Singapore, Indonesia, India, Australia, Hong Kong and South Korea, aptly titled “The Godfather of Malaysian Comedy International Tour 2014”. In each of these countries Harith has successfully and proudly flown the Malaysian flag in front of a truly international audience. He is now ready to bring that back home in front of his own people. I'm all ready to be tickled by his comedy and humour, how about you? 

Harith Iskander…To Know Malaysia Is To.. “Laugh, Malaysia!”

Date: 29th October 2014, Wednesday
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil
Ticket Prices: RM258, RM158, RM118, RM78 and RM38
(Excludes RM3.00 processing fee)

To Know Malaysia Is To Laugh Malaysia is proudly brought to you by AMC Live Group, Harith Iskander V Day Productions and Perdbadanan Stadium Malaysia. Call RedTix Hotline at 03-8775 4666 or log on to to book your tickets now! You never want to miss this good show I tell you! Let's laugh out loud together! Muahahahaha!! 

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    by the way....第一張照片很熟悉 哈哈

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