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Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF 40PA++ from Natta Cosme

Hello everyone!! It has been a while that I didn't do any beauty product reviews, days are getting hectic, I'm running here and there and doing this and that, so tired both mentally and physically lah aiyoh. An idle weekend is the best weekend ever! I can finally sit down, play some good musics and composing my blog posts. (I have a long list of blog posts to clear oh dear!) Today I'm going to share my current favourite BB cream with you girls, Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF 40PA++. For your information, Klairs is a renowned brand from Korea and I'm a huge fans of their products. (You can check my review on their black sugar facial polish here) Although Klairs outlet is currently unavailable in Malaysia, you can still get their products from Natta Cosme, it's really convenient and easy! 

Natta Cosme team is forever thoughtful and sweet, how could you not to smile to receive such a lovely parcel from them? Handwritten card with your name on; products perfectly sealed in bubble wrap; cute little extra gift that made my day, Natta Cosme should really come with gift box service! Let say we can place order with Natta Cosme and have the gift box be delivered to our family and friends, along with some messages on lovely card, how wonderful and sweet that can be! 

I have never encountered any leakage or spillage issue with Natta Cosme so far, they always do a good job in wrapping and sealing!

RM 89.00
(And you can now get it at a promotional price of RM 71.20 only!)

BB cream is nothing new to me and I have tried all kinds of BB cream from various brands. Some of the BB cream is too light/dark for my complexion; some are too oily for my skin; some are too thick and cakey; some are too dry that it's hard to spread it evenly on my face. Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF 40PA++ is something different because it is a combination of make up and skin care product! 

Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream offers whitening, anti-wrinkle and sunlight protection for your skin, not mentioning that it is upgraded with hyaluronic acid and sebum control powder, thus keeping your skin well hydrated and oil free. In addition, it also comes with SPF 40PA++, which is relatively sufficient to protect your skin against all spectrum of UV rays. I can skip my sunscreen now hehe~

Another special part about this BB cream is that it has a unique smart colour system that fits naturally from dark skin tone to light skin tone, it means one BB cream for all! By using Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream, you can skip all your primer and finishing powder because it's all in one! The BB cream can tone your complexion to a natural and healthy look, hence pulling out the your inherent beauty naturally. It's the best product for people who need to correct skin redness, who want to cover up the large pores without using primer and for those who are looking for natural and simple make up. 

Cerro Queen Natural Emulsion Powder Puff
RM 4.90

How do you apply BB cream? By fingers, brush or sponge? Most of the people use fingers because it's fast, easy and convenient, plus you don't have to put in extra efforts in cleaning your brush and sponger afterwards. However, applying BB cream using fingers might result in uneven application of the product and you might miss out hard-to-reach-corners too. Therefore, I will suggest you to apply BB cream by sponge, it's easier to create a flawless skin finish with sponge too! Today I'm going to complement Klairs BB cream with a Cerro Queen Natural Emulsion Powder Puff, it's in my favourite pink colour! 

It's very easy to apply the BB cream using the puff, all you have to do is squeeze an adequate amount of the product onto the sponge and pat it gently all over your face, that's all! Bear in mind that don't be greedy and squeeze too much of BB cream onto the sponge, we're going to create a natural and simple make up so be light on the BB cream. You can always squeeze more BB cream afterwards if it's not enough to cover your face. By the way, don't forget to apply the BB cream by using a gentle patting action, don't stroke it on your face ya! Stroking action might result in the formation of fine lines around your eyes, you don't want that right?

The BB cream is a little lighter than my natural skin tone, I'm happy to see that it brightened my skin tone immediately! In contrast to typical grey-toned BB cream which might make your skin to look too-fair-to-be-real, there's no obvious colour difference between the applied and non-applied skin area. You can see from the photo that the BB cream adheres to my skin really well that it's not cakey and at all. I was really excited to try it out on my face! 

Before Applying Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream

After Applying Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream

I love how the Klairs BB cream created a natural make up for me! It might look indifferent to you (based on the photos) but the fact is, it brightened my complexion and concealed my skin redness, let me show you more of the close up photos to convince you. 

Recently, I'm in the middle of recovery from my acne problem and there're some small red spots and minor acne left on my forehead. Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream did a great job in balancing my undertone and hey, I bet you can't tell that there're some red spots on my forehead unless I tell you! 

In overall, the BB cream brightened my complexion in a natural way which I personally really like. This is what we called No-Make up make up hehe! I also like how the product adhere to my skin seamlessly, there's no smudging issue after long hours of wearing. Furthermore, it kept my skin well hydrated that I didn't see any fine lines or crack line (especially on my laugh lines) at the end of the day, I like this part the most! I'm currently using this BB cream on a daily basis to create a natural, simple and clear look. 

Good news! In conjunction with the celebration of Mother's Day, Natta Cosme is giving you an exclusive discount of RM6 with purchase of RM100 and above, just key in the coupon code 105MD15 upon checking out and you can save RM6!

That's all for today's review, I hope you enjoy the post as much as I enjoy in composing it! 

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