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[Part 2: Moles Removal] Duo Medical Laser & Dual Yellow Laser with My Skin Gym Clinic and Medical Spa @Sutera Utama

Remember that I blogged about my pigmentation treatment with My Skin Gym Clinic and Medical Spa last month? As mentioned in my previous post, it takes some time to lighten my pigmentation so I need to go back to Dr Ding and have the Duo Medical Laser treatment on a regular basis. I really want to lighten my patch of pigmentation so I'm very hardworking in seeing Dr Ding. Basically I go to My Skin Gym twice or thrice a week for Duo Medical Laser Treatment and I had a total of 10 laser treatments with Dr Ding. All I can say is that the outcome of the treatment is simply amazing! I can see that my patch of pigmentation is getting lighter from day to day, the improvement is really obvious! Now let's the photos do the talking and the convincing job, be prepared to be amazed!

Before Laser Treatment

After My 5th Laser Treatment with My Skin Gym

After My 8th Laser Treatment with My Skin Gym

After My 10th Laser Treatment with My Skin Gym

Looking unbelievable but it's all solid real and all photos in this post are free from editing, my patch of pigmentation is much lighter after the laser treatment! Even my parents said that they thought I concealed my pigmentation with make up haha! I'm really happy to see such improvement and I hope that the pigmentation can fade even more in near future after I complete the whole pigmentation treatment. In addition, my overall complexion becomes brighter and my skin tone is more even now, all credits to Duo Medical Laser treatment and Dual Yellow Laser treatment! For your information, it's best to have Dual Yellow Laser treatment at a monthly basis. Therefore, I only did Dual Yellow Laser treatment for two times. According to Dr Ding, it's suggested for one to carry out the laser treatment regularly in order to achieve the best and visible results, so don't be lazy if you want to become prettier! 

On the other hand, I have many moles of different sizes on my face and I think it would be nice if I can remove them. When I said I have many moles on my face I mean it! Can you believe that I have roughly a total of 15 moles on my face and neck? Scary right? At My Skin Gym Clinic and Medical Spa, you can find all kinds of beauty-related services including Mole Removal Treatment. In My Skin Gym, Dual Yellow Laser is used to remove the moles and it's safe, fast and reliable. No knife and stitch will be involved in the mole removal process so no worry on the scar issue. I decided to remove all the moles on my face and neck except the largest mole on my chin, that's my signature haha! Let me walk you through the procedures of mole removal treatment now.

The beauty consultant was putting numb cream on my moles so that I won't feel any pain during the laser treatment. After applying the numb cream, I waited patiently for a 20 minutes for the numbing effect to take place. 

Although the same equipment is used to carry out the normal Dual Yellow Laser treatment and mole removal treatment, Dr Ding changed the head of the laser before conducting the mole removal treatment since different heads serve for different purposes. 

The mole removal procedure is a bit different from the normal Dual Yellow Laser Treatment (you can refer my previous experience here). During Dual Yellow Laser Treatment, my face was applied with a layer of gel and the Yellow Laser was run all over my face. In contrast, no gel is needed during mole removal treatment and Dr Ding targeted Yellow Laser on the moles instead of running the laser all over my face. Since I had numb cream applied on my moles before the treatment, I can hardly feel any pain during the process. After completing the mole removal treatment, the beauty consultant applied a thick layer of antibiotic cream on the moles for a faster recovery. 

I was also given a tube of antibiotic cream so that I can apply it on the moles at home by myself. 

Right After the Mole Removal Treatment

As can be seen from the photos, all of the moles turned darker and more obvious after the laser treatment but don't worry about it, it's perfectly normal. I also noticed that the skin of the moles became drier than before. According to Dr Ding, the moles will get drier and drier and it will eventually turn into a scab, like those we have for healed wounds. After the moles "transform" themselves into scabs, it will naturally fall off from the skin and when this happens, it's time to say good bye to your moles woohoo! Try not to peel the scab off and allow it to fall naturally for the best outcome. 

A Week after the Mole Removal Treatment

I heeded Dr Ding's advice and tried my best to keep my scabs as nice as possible before they fall off naturally. I washed my face gently and towel dried my face softly. After waiting patiently for 7 days, all of the moles fell off my skin naturally and most of my moles are forever gone! 

That's how I looked after the moles fell off naturally. Most of the small and tiny moles are gone forever and I can't even find any trace of their existences on my face. However, you can see that some of the larger moles (the one on my right cheek, above my lips and near my right eye) are still there. They did become lighter after the mole removal treatment but they're not gone completely because they're of larger size and I would need a touch up for them. Hence, I went through the entire mole removal procedure all over again. By the way, there're some oil seeds on my forehead and Dr Ding decided to remove them as well during the mole removal touch up. I told you right, you can find all kinds of beauty-related services at My Skin Gym, name it and you can have it! 

After the Mole Removal Touch Up

Right After the Oil Seeds Removal Treatment

Before the laser treatment, numb cream was applied on the oil seeds to minimize the pain during the treatment. I'm not sure whether the skin on my forehead is more sensitive or what, but I did feel a little painful during the laser treatment. For me it's okay to endure the one-minute-pain in exchange for a more flawless skin, girls being girls! 

9 Days After the Oil Seed Removal Treatment

The recovery process for oil seeds is exactly the same as the moles. The oil seeds will get drier and drier and eventually turn into scabs. The scabs will fall off the skin naturally and your oil seeds are gone! For this round of treatment, the scabs on my face (for both oil seeds and moles) fell off after 9 days. 

2 Weeks After the Oil Seed Removal Treatment

Tada! Say Hi to my clear forehead! There're still some redness and some new acne (Oh why new acne T.T) but the overall condition is definitely better then before. Of course you can't merely rely on laser treatment to get rid of all the oil seeds, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle play vital roles too! 

As can be seen from the photo, the mole above my lips, near my right eye and the one on my right cheek become lighter and less obvious. They're still visible but they're now more to like pigmentation but you can see that all the small moles are completely gone without leaving behind any trace. Overall speaking, you can see that my skin tone becomes more even and brighter, not mentioning that my acne problem is greatly improved! At the same time, I can't wait to see more obvious results in my upcoming treatment for my pigmentation! Okay let's wrap up this post with before-after comparison photos as below:

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